Display going into "test card" mode

Hello all.

So I got to buy a new display (yes, buy, because I wrote to support and it took ONE MONTH to answer me with a copy-paste mail that didn’t solve a thing) because the previous one got completely screwed and I was completely and absolutely unable to use my phone.

The new display was working perfectly fine… for 16 hours. Since this morning the screen is turning every then and now to some short of “test card” mode. You know, like in the old tv channels during the night. I can still see that the phone is there because I click on the screen where the keyboard is supposed to be and it vibrates, so it’s like some short of next-level black screen.

I need to take the battery off, turn it on again, and cross my fingers for it not to go again to that “test card” mode. But it has happened already 6-7 times in the last 6 hours.

Anybody else has experienced this? After the failed first display, the long wait for a lame response, and the new display giving problems not even A DAY after receiving it, I’m seriously starting to lose it.

which OS? 1.6.2?

If that’s the last update, yes.

Can you please provide a photo of this? :wink:

Will do, as soon as it happens again. I guess you get the image though, screen going into 24982394723894 colours.

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Okay, I think you mean just random colors, we called it “Ameisenfußball” (“ant soccer” ?). But it’s not like a test screen, more like random colors?
Then try to dis- and reassemble the screen :slight_smile:

Already did, and cleaned everything carefuly in the process. As I said, it is a new screen I received… YESTERDAY!

Oh and yes, it’s like that “Ameisenfußball” thing you said, but with colours and not just B&W

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Okay, I saw that already here in the forum and I’m afraid the display is defective and you’ll have to return it :frowning:

…lol. What to say besides that. Thanks for the reply though.
But I’m just this close to lose it.

Here is a thread with your problem I think. I didn’t read it but maybe there is the solution?

Edit: Here is an image.

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Thanks for the answer. Yes, the picture is exactly what happens to my phone. I’ve tried cleaning it and works for some time but then gets funny again. sigh this is extremely annoying. I wrote to Michiel, so hopefuly it will boost things and help me fix my problem.

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