FP2 used spareparts giveaway / for sale


I am offering the following FP2 spareparts (the S/N serial numbers are in brackets):
For free (+shipping costs)

  • camera module V1 with melted flash (camera working; C26BK10110)
  • camera module V2 with focusing issues (reparable; C16A711871)
  • used battery (small plastic dent missing but it’s still safe to use and working normally; F22S1713024717)

For sale (+shipping costs)

  • used indigo slim cover with minor scratches and one major scratch (see picture below) but no crack - it’s still working fine (10€)
  • [SOLD] used display module, no scratches, minor “bright spot problem” see picture below (fully working, 35€)
  • [SOLD] core with display connectivity issues (as described here; 10€)
  • [SOLD] used bottom module (fully working, 15€)

I’m located in Helsinki, Finland and would ship to anywhere in Europe. If you have questions or requests, feel free to send me a PM :grinning:



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