Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2

i guess, yeah :slight_smile:

turned off daydream (adaptive brightness was already switched off), no change. Was worth the try, though ^^

I have same problem. And now there are no connection!
Please help, what shall I do? smile:

If i press hard on the screen i sometimes can get the picture back!

I have been using my fp2 for one day now and the whole day I’ve had this problem. I get noisy pixels and I have to remove the battery. Sometimes I have to remove the battery 6 times before it works normally again. Then also the battery drained completely within half an hour. Not too happy. :frowning:

I’ve this problem too, once in ~5 days of FP2 use so far. It only occurred after I activated Battery Saver for the first time, so I thought it might be to do with that (some kind of screen-based energy saving gone wrong) but looking at the above maybe it’s hardware. I’d also had the phone in a leg pocket so maybe the phone shoogling around caused the connector to come loose. A couple of battery removals fixed it.

Happened again just now, battery replacement did not help. Disassembled, cleaned screen contacts on both sides with surgical spirit (95% ethanol) and reassembled, and it works.

I tried cleaning the connections once. But without luck. Please if any have an another solution help. I have tried to come in contact with the support in form more than a month, but also here without luck!!!

Hello everyone - please help!
The screen on my beloved FP2 suddenly froze and then went ‘static’, much like that of a disconnected TV set. I have taken out the battery and restarted the phone numerous times but it’s still the same. I think the problem may just be with the screen as one morning an alarm I had previously set went off, implying that the phone is still working behind the weird screen? The only way I could stop the alarm was to take the battery out. I’ve emailed repair at Fairphone twice now over the period of about two months and have heard nothing back so I’m throwing myself on the mercy of all you wonderful people! Do you think I need to replace the screen? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks so much for any advice you can offer!! Shanta

Possibly a bad contact? Have you tried removing the display and putting it back in again?

Thanks for moving my post @paulakreuzer. I have done as suggested by many and removed the screen and wiped the contacts, At first, after putting it all back together, it seemed to have no affect, but I then started twisting my phone in various ways and there was a ‘beep’ and the screen suddenly went back to normal…hmm…after 15 minutes or so however it seems to have gone back to the static/black screen. It’s on charge at the moment and it’s getting really hot too, perhaps this is linked?? I think I’ll phone support and will let you know what I find out. Thanks!!

Thanks @amers I’ll give it a go!

To all who are passing this post. Like others i had a similar issue: colored pixel noise / freezing screen etc.
A disassembly and reassembly did fix it, but only temporarily. As gurix mentioned “gently twisted” may bring the screen back. In my case, it also breaks the screen leading to freeze oder pixel noise…

I sent it to a local distributor, he attached an other screen and everything was working fine, so it has to be the display unit in my case. He also think it is a case of warranty. Unfortunately he has no contract with Fairphone so he said they could not do anything at the moment.

I have the same problems (2 weeks after getting the F2). I could not see any pattern - some days 3 to 4 times, other days not. Removing battery helps or doesn not help. Slightly twisting helps or does not help. Removing and insterting SIM helps or does not help. Dis and reassembling helps and does not help.

I will switch to my old normal mobile untill a solution is available (would rather have the F2! but I have to be reachable)

I have the same problem and in my case it is for sure a connector problem. I had it for the first time around 3 weeks ago it was only a few times a day, still very irritating. After a few days it appears more often.

If I pressed firmly on at the place of the connector the screen was back. After I put a card (same as a bankcard) in between my cover and the phone (at the back of the phone) it was solved for a few days. After that it doesn’t help anymore. My camera had also difficulties to connect. Very irritating because I need my phone for work.
If I put two cards in between my cover and my phone it works again.

Fairphone, is there already a solution for this problem? Because this is very irritating and bad for the image of Fairphone. My collegues and friends will see that the phone is working bad. Furthermore, by putting cards between my phone and my cover, the cover will be streched and not be used anymore.

For the same reason as ‘ablfabl’ (previous post) I have to change to another phone to be reachable.

I hope that a solution will come fast.

Hey guys,

after the update of 1.2.8 I have had the same problem. Furthermore the phone didn`t find my sd-card anymore (in different situations I was not able to access on it, after putting it out and in, the card worked for a few hours) and the phone shutdown and restart in some games. In another thread I read, that there are problems with Samsung sc-cards (64 gb).

So I bought a new one (SanDisk 64 gb) on friday. Since I change the sd-card the phone works fine (only for 2 days, but anyway). No shutdowns and no pixel-screen anymore.

Maybe this information could be useful for somebody… If the situation change and shutdowns or pixel-screen is appearing again, I will inform you.

Hello everybody,

same problem for me after four weeks Fairphone 2.

Is there any final advice from the Fairphone-Crew of what to do now?

Anybody got it fixed by her/himself? How? Hard reset? @alisdt @stavro

No need to mention how frustrating that is and how impossible it gets to spread the word… :frowning:

Still hoping…

After I took the screen off, cleaned the contacts, and reassembled it worked again. I’ve been careful about not subjecting it to too much shock – both the times it went wrong for me I’d put it in a leg pocket. I think sometimes the alignment of the screen can be off even with the catches at the bottom in, so look out for that.

With all good will to Fairphone, I think the best way to raise this with them is to start the process for a return. I believe that under EU rules you have the right to return something within two years if it does not fulfil the purpose for which it was sold. It’s not fair to you to hold on to a phone that you’ve paid for and doesn’t work. I considered doing this as I don’t like the fact that I have to treat my phone like a baby, and don’t like worrying that it might malfunction at any moment – but I decided to give it a few months and see if they come up with a solution.

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Since a couple of day our FP2 was suddenly unusable because it did not show more than what you can see on the image. It sticks to this even when rebooting or removing the battery. Sometimes in between it did work again like everything was ok and some minutes later it was back to this rubbish output.

When booting this screen instantly appears and does not really change anymore.
Sometimes it does slightly change but not in a helpful but just in any other random way.

Anyone of you had that before?
Any idea on what might be done about it?

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I moved your post to this topic.

I have the exact same problem.
Did you find a solution?