[SOLD] Selling used FP2 spareparts

Update (August 15): I have sold my newer battery, the slim cover and the top module.
The display module, the bottom module, the other battery and the more or less broken core are still available. For prices, see below.

Hey there,

I have had a Fairphone 2 for more than 2 years now (which means that there is no warranty any more). Recently, my love towards Fairphone and the whole project turned more into hate-loving my device which is why, unfortunately, I have decided to give up.
A few weeks ago, the “noisy pixel screen” (see here) problem started to happen to my phone. Support told me that the core is probably broken and needs to be replaced (and this is too expensive for me). Please note that my phone has not been inspected, it is a mere suspicion of the support team, based on their experience.

The modules I am selling (all of them are used):

  • bottom module working perfectly (15€)
  • screen is working fine and has no scratches at all, but there are “stains” on the display where the backlight is brighter (see pictures, 35€)
  • Camera module, first edition, with melted flash (rendering the flash unusable), camera is working (10€)
  • the battery is used and a small dent of plastic is missing at the bottom. The battery itself is undamaged and working (10€)
  • the core which is probably broken (25€)

Basically, the phone used to work fine but sometimes went into the noisy-pixel mode. Maybe some of you might even be able to fix it.

I’m located in Helsinki, Finland but would ship to anywhere in Europe. Shipping costs without insurance and tracking should be around 5€. Other forms of delivery on request.

Let me know if you have any questions!


PS: As a new user, I am not allowed to include more than one picture. Refer to my eBay-offer for all of the pictures.



What is the price? Thanks!

Hey pablox,
my offer is 109€ + shipping costs. Price is negotiable.


Update: not all parts are available any more. For the remaining modules, check my updated original post.

I’m interested in the bottom module, how much would you like for it?

Hey abender,
I would sell the bottom module for 15€ + shipping costs. Are you still interested?

Thank you but im looking at an cheeper one right now :slight_smile:

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