Fairphone Graphic Bug - Unusable!

Hi everyone!
I have just used my Fairphone for about 2 weeks now. Everything worked well. Since yesterday it’s practically unusable anymore though! First the graphics on the screen started shaking around, it got more and more and now the only thing I see is a strange white/coloured screen, followed by the regular screen that is completely blurred (see pictures). Has been like that for 2 days now.

I tried taking out the battery etc. doesn’t change anything.
I probably should just send it back but before I wanted to know if anyone has experienced similar problems or knows how I could solve this problem.

Thanks in advance!


Try a hard reset.

Seems more like a hardware issue than software to be honest.

Unfortunately I don’t believe this is something the community can help with.

If you haven’t already, submit a request to support

@Luca_Aaron Did everything get sorted for you?

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