Weird screen behavior, fairPhone2 now unusable


I have the fairphone 2 and i have a weird issue with my screen. For a few days now, it randomly, once in a while, gets totally weird, with static noise, and the home screen moving just like if i was in a bad tv show and my device was hacked by some random crypto-terro-hackers…

I would have joined a screenshot, but when i’m able to get a screenshot, it captures the « normal » screen. A picture with another camera would have been possible, but now the problem has worsened.

Since yesterday the phone works every now and then, the rest of the time, it’s just random color pixels all over the screen, similar to the « snow » we had on old cathodic TV sets.

Yesterday, i could force-reboot the phone and it worked again for a time, today it’s totally unusable, apart for a few minutes at a time. :frowning:

I tried to dissemble and reassemble the phone after cleaning it, didn’t change a thing…

I seriously have no idea as to what might cause it, hardware, software, connections, but right now, i have a brick with random shiny lights…

I didn’t find anything with the search option, but, writing this here, it showed me a similar problem in th FP1 forum (which, honestly, i didn’t bother to search…)

I submitted a support ticket, but as i saw that the response could be quite long, i was wondering if someone around here had had the same problem and had found a solution.

Thanks in advance, have a nice day!

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