SD Card suddenly not recognised

After a few years on the same SD card it’s suddenly not recognised. I’ve tried powering down and switching to a different SD Card but no joy. None are recognised, which makes me think that this is a Hardware issue and I should probably be looking for a new phone. Unless there’s some way to fix this. I’ve had a look through previous threads on the subject but not found an answer.

I still have this issue and I’ve yet to see any fixes. Looking over the contacts there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the socket. I don’t want to have to buy a new phone at this stage but I don’t see any other option at present.

That don’t sound promising :frowning: I’ve only had the back cover off and whilst I have all the gear for soldering I’m not sure it’s the mechanical component, or that I’d be able to get a hot air gun into it to pull the old connector, given all the plastic. I might look for a video to see can you even get to the physical card connector

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If I got you right, you experience the problems with various SD-cards and not just the one you have been using for years.
You could try cleaning the contacts.
Have you disassembled the phone, to take a look at the core-module for any visible damages?
You find the pictured tear down on the iFixIT homepage.
The pictures for Step 12 and Step 13 show, how the module should look like.

The SD-card slot is located on the core-module. Should it really be broken, you could look for a used phone on the market place in this forum to switch the core-module.
Or - if it’s a case of broken soldering - you could try the “baking the module” solution in this thread:

Posting #143 / Posting #152 / Posting #169 (regard posting #171) and Posting #207 are explaining what to do. There are different methods described in the postings.


I would be very very careful doing this. It will most probably just definitely kill the rest of the phone unless one’s lucky. Also, this method was to repair broken pogo pins and not the SD-card slot, so I wouldn’t try unless I have nothing left to lose (just for everyone to be aware again of the risks :wink:)

Were the SD-cards formatted as internal or external storage? If as internal, try formatting them as external.
Also, could you precise what you mean by:

Do you have an error message? Are they not even shown in the storage storage?

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