Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

Hi everyone! :sunflower:

Our latest software update for Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+ users is now available.

Software Version: 3.A.0129.20210805

Security Patch Level: 5th of August, 2021

List of changes:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing some apps to crash or stop responding when used in Work profiles.
  • Fixed a rare issue that was causing, under certain conditions, a network limitation message to pop up constantly.
  • Fixed rare minor issues that were causing, under certain circumstances, the camera app to stop responding.
  • The minimum brightness value for the display backlight has been reduced.
  • The network compatibility for several carriers has been enhanced.

Please note:

Together with our partners, we test the software before its release, and in some instances where a software update might result in some problems for users on a specific network or in a specific country, we prefer to delay the software release for that specific customer base and fix all the potential issues before making the software available to everyone.

That means that depending on your network provider, some Fairphone 3 and 3+ users may receive this update later. Once the update is available you’ll receive a push notification to automatically update.

We can now confirm that our next software update will be released early November. This update will include a fix for the Caller ID issue and we’ll reverse the recent changes made to Adaptive Brightness.


Got it. Hope it also fixes my work profile’s teams app crashing when i enable the speaker

Edit: Yessss, it’s resolved! Thank you !


Downloading on EE UK :slight_smile: Didn’t wait for a push notification.
Installing took 6 min All seems fine :slight_smile:

Das Update - Software Version: 3.A.0129.20210805 - habe ich manuell ausgeführt. (Festnetz: Vodafone Kabel - (Mobilfunk: fraenk (Telekom)) Auf die Benachrichtigung wollte ich nicht warten. Braucht ca. 6 min. die App Aktualisierung am längsten. Der Neustart braucht natürlich auch länger als ein normaler Neustart.

Ohh yeah, wonderful! People have asked for this for so long.


Would you please provide more information about the network compatibility enhancements? Also, would these enhancements allow a Fairphone to work properly on T-Mobile in the USA?

[Edit: 31/08/2021] Update received today.

Hi, not received yet, Vodafone (IT).

Hi @Frasier

A couple of things
a) This is not the official site for Fairphone, for such queries you better ask them, maybe via support\at/fair phone dot com.
b) I would very much doubt it as the networks covered are only in the EU and the UK: you may be lucky though but
c) there is no roll out of the update for the networks in the US so you would have to download from fairphone and try the update.

Check this topic for details on updates that are ready for manual download.

Replying in a topic created by Fairphone staff is asking them, or @rae for that matter :wink: .
You’re right in general, but this should serve as an exception to the rule.

… and I would assume in every other territory Fairphone ship to and cover with support outside of the EU and the UK (there are a few) :wink:Where do you sell and ship Fairphone products to? – Support


Yes I see your point an answer may be elucidated via this post :libra:

But on the second point, whereas network bands in non EU/UK territories maybe covered I can’t see Fairphone rolling out the update to networks in other counties and being responsible for how that works out for people.

After all the warranty only covers the EU/UK and I imagine that covers the OS within the framework of the networks it’s targeted at.

Your link doesn’t show countries outside Europe as I expected and as far as network ‘workings’ there is the Fairphone page.

I just can’t see even if a Phone is bought in Europe for a user in the America’s for example Fairphone are going to tweak any update specifically for a ‘foreign’ network.

Still as in the first point an answer maybe provided here to the enquirer.

And there I was giving a link to the page where this is spelled out.

"Currently, we only deliver products to countries within the European continent. Warranty-related help is strictly covered to and from the following European continental countries:
Norway [Elephant in the room No. 1]
San Marino
Switzerland [Elephant in the room No. 2]"

Those are all not in the EU.

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Yes I rephrased to say Europe. I note there is no sale to ‘Non-EU VAT territories’ ???

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Yes, that’s what I was getting at

Territories connected to or bordering EU VAT area countries and not included


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Hmmm … you’re right. Other countries Fairphone explicitly ship to are on this list, too, so it should perhaps read “Non-EU VAT territories not explicitly mentioned as shipping destinations above” or something like that.

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OK that’s it, my head is spinning with what Fairphone really are saying. I’m leaving this discussion, happily knowing nothing more of value :woozy_face:

Since this update, the brightness sometimes sets itself to the minimum value, so I have to manually set it back to see anything. I didn’t have this problem before (or very rarely).


Yes I’ve just noticed, I turned the phone on and could hardly see a thing.

I’ve had to set the display to 19% and still enable auto. I didn’t realise maybe the lowest setting ‘set’ is then the lowest the auto will go, which in that case is fine :slight_smile:

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Well… the backlight is now reduced to the minimum, doesn’t adjust the brightness for ambient light any more, if I turn up the brightness after 30seconds it sets it to minimum, well done for breaking the adaptive backlight. Also you STILL haven’t fixed the enhanced LTE mode when enabled all calls still display as “unknown” rather than the number calling, also network connection lag is still terrible with this feature disabled, come on! I reported this over a year ago and you acknowledged this was a problem how have you failed to fix it!

You did test this update right? several posts above this mention the backlight is a problem! how did you miss it?

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Did you see my post? I had to set a low value and it works fine now.