Alarm clock missed: no more than a few buzzes

The last few days, when i’ve set my alarm clock, it just buzzes two of three times when it goes off in the morning and they says ‘Alarm click missed’. Nothing more happens and i’m not sure the few buzzes are going to wake me up every day. Is there a way to fix this? My wifi is on at night and my battery is full in the morning. I haven’t changed any settings.

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Hi @Ellen_Vervoort Welcome to the forum.

Do you have the latest Fairphone OS update, maybe the issue is coincident with that?

Though you may not have changed any setting you may want to see what they are and adjust them.


I have the same problem. Three days ago I did the last update and since then my alarm only buzzes once and it goes off by itself and once in a while the brightness of the screen just goes all the way down, with no further lightness changes!
Anybody else has this problem?


This issue is already known:


Yes something’s up with my alarm too ?? My selected song is now a number of quite beeps :frowning:

Thanks for the tip! I didn’t update until today, but nothing changed with the update though. Still only a few buzzes and then it stopped.

After playing a bit with the settings (buzzing, no buzzing, buzzing again) and testing those a few times, it suddenly works again with music and buzzing.

Fingers crossed it will still do tomorrow morning!

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Someone in our German-language Facebook group actually reported that the alarm stayed all silent since the most recent update.

If anyone wants to try, this is basically the Android standard clock app, perhaps it makes a difference:


It looks like it’s an Android-Google problem. A BIG one.

Es sieht so aus als wäre es ein Android-Google Problem. Ein Großes.


Electronic devices can fail you at any given most inconvenient time.
Working backup strategies are not only important for software, but also for hardware.

My backup strategy is using a simple alarm clock set to wake me up a few minutes after my Android phone should do. Different technology, highly unlikely to break at the same time (not impossible, but the probability is small enough for me).

Advanced mode if you really need to get up: Place the backup alarm to where you can hear it clearly, but to where your arms can’t reach from the bed to turn it off :wink: .


Thanks for posting the link, very interesting. My alarm clock has been doing fine, but my FP2 is running LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11)…

As @AnotherElk already mentioned, a non-electric version of an alarm clock is quite useful. My variant is an analogue wrist alarm (analogue alarm wristwatch, wristwatch with analogue alarm). OK, you should check the time every day because such clocks can go ahead or behind.
Not a quartz watch! Battery waste.

Here is a link to the UhrForum where such watches are shown. There is not only vintage. There are still new watches being made today.

some history

Buying Advice Analogue Watch with Simple Alarm Function


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I also have the same two issues as described - alarm buzzing a few times and the screen brightness going too dark.

It started immediately after I ran the latest update last week.

Hi @benobo Welcome to the forum

I have noticed very similar issues. My settings for alarms and calls were not respected and the ambient light sensor/ auto brightness are also ignoring my settings.

Regarding the screen brightness issue you can see more reports of it at

Fairphone are aware of the issue and working on it.

Thanks for the welcome!
Yes, I’ve seen that both issues I have are known and being worked on by the relevant people :slight_smile:

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