Is lineageOS brightness more adjustable than fairphone's official ROM?


FP3 minimal brightness was too high when it launched. Lowest brightness is too bright
Some updates introduced a darker minimal brightness. Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)
But those changes where reverted since they introduced problems with adaptative brightness. Update Aug 0129 Ambient light | Adaptive brightness - #128 by amoun ; Minimum screen brightness increased

I have light hypersensitivity. For my eyes, bright lights, especially in contrast of dark environments, is really painful. [Edit: And light filters are not enough sadly! They only dim the color of the showed pixels, not the backlight itself]

That means that I sadly have to choose between keeping my phone up to date in terms of security and avoiding pain. I suppose you guessed right: I hereby currently use the outdated version with low brightness. ^^

This post suggest a fix for lineageOS users: Update Aug 0129 Ambient light | Adaptive brightness
Especially this post: Official LineageOS 18.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ - #198 by TeamB58

So maybe lineageOS could allow me to have security updates and no painful light in my eyes :slight_smile:
So I wonder; is there someone that uses lineageOS on FP3 that could tell me if the minimal brightness available in the current lineageOS version is lower than in the current official rom?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post!

Overall Brightness is very subjective, so at the end you will have to test it, to see if it fits for you. I have Iode OS installed (based on LOS) and in my view its def darker, however its some time I “compared” it and both systems moved to different Android Versions since, so Lineage is at 20.1 (Android 13) in the meantime.

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I don’t know whether lineageOS is darker or not, but if you’re staying with android, there may be some apps that allow additional dimming.
I know at least this app for screen light filters also allows filters with extra dimming and without any colour to them, so I thought maybe it (or something similar) could help aid your situation in the meantime (or even allow you to stick with AndroidOS if that’s what you prefer)

I also know that at least on the FP4 Android 12 there is an “Extra dim” feature/setting (on FP4 A12 it’s located in the accessibility settings), so you could have a look whether that feature is also available on the FP3 with whatever version of Android you have.

@yvmuell Thank you! Maybe I’ll have no choice but to test directly indeed! If so I’ll update this topic. But that will take time, so for the moment I’ll wait for others to reply

@NienkeFleur Thank you for those suggestions. I forgot to tell that light filters are not enough in my post. I used them a lot before deciding that it was not enough! ^^ Thank you!

The FP3 is about to be updated with A!3, skipping A12, but no date yet. I am helping with the beta testing and dimming seems fine but I’ve not tried linageOS so cannot compare.

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And you never had issues with lowest brightness being not dark enough, or had you?

No not since I bought the FP3 in Oct 2020, using only stock ROM with all succeeding updates, and my eyes are somewhat sensitive and I wear tinted glasses when out and about.

The extra dim feature will still be a good tool for you (introduced with Android 12) so available on LOS 20.1 already. However I agree, as long as the overall lowest value in FPOS is too high the extra dim function will be most likely not enough

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Ok so when you say its fine, it still might not be for others, thats all I wanted to point to :wink:

So interesting would be: is it the same on A13 beta as on A11 or did they changed something again?

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Yes different people different sensitivities.

The A13 has the [Extra Dim) option in the pull down menu which I haven’t tried :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there with the A11 ??

No there is no such option in A11 :slight_smile:
But depending on how it’s implemented we cannot be sure that Extra Dim backlight in A13 is lower than 8901.4.A.0017.3’s A11… ^^

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