Next Softwareupdate?

Hi Fairphone-Team,

can you say approximately when the next software update will be released? Fairphone OS version 8901.3.A.0107.20210513 (May 28, 2021) is a little bit old in my opinion. :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Greetings from Munich

Hi @WaterDevil This is just a user forum not an official Fairphone support, you will need to ask them to find out, but I imagine it will be in the next few weeks as there’s chat about a September surprise.

Email support@fairphone . . . .etc


Answer :wink:


@Alex.A Thanks for that, I was wondering which topic it was to update the OP

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Ansicht zusammenkopiert. Wie dies auf dem Telefon auf einer Seite sichtbar gemacht werden kann weiss ich nicht.
Die unterste Zeile erscheint, wenn im Schnellstartmenü nach unten gewischt wird.

View copied together. How this can be made visible on a page on the phone I don’t know.
The bottom line appears when swiping down in the quick launch menu.

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