Screen cast does not work anymore


I have a FP3 on which I’ve been happily able to use screen cast to an Android TV box and I found out yesterday that it does not work anymore:

  • most of the time, the screen cast just don’t start at all
  • a couple of times, it started but without any sound

I made the upgrade on Friday Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 and I’m afraid it may be related.

I did make any upgrade on the Android TV in the past days.
I restarted both the Android TV box and my FP3 but it did not make any change.

Does anyone else encounter the same issue?
Do you have tips?



Just to let you know that the issue disappear after a few days.
I’m not able to explain what happened.
Still the issue is probably not related to the FP last software upgrade.


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