Improving the software of FP3

This thread should contain mainly possible improvements that could be come with software updates to the phone. There is also a wish list where the fancy stuff could find space.
This is a wiki, so feel free to add your points here in one of the two categories.
For clarity reasons please add only key points, please.

Probably possible improvements:

Hardware implementation

  • Making “hardware button actions” selection available in settings menu, such as “long press power button for torch light”
  • Use LED for notifications
  • Lack of NFC toggle in pulldown menu (reference to orig. post)
  • Fingerprint sensor gets triggered multiple times e.g. when taken out of pocket (reference to discussion)
  • Add volume function for ring, notification, media, alarm by pressing the volume buttons (reference)
  • With ambient noise in background, mic does not work well (distortion). Using unprocessed sound (in Open Camera) fixes this issue (reference discussion)
  • Change number of volume steps (i.e. finer volume control) - seems just an OS config during build: StackOverflow
    Increased by Update 3.A.0101
  • Lower or make the vibration intensity adjustable - maybe separately for different features (original request)

(Status Bar) Icons

  • Status bar icons should have fixed width (see screens below) including network activity arrows shouldn’t keep appearing and disappearing moving other icons
  • Status bar icons should be able to take up more space (see screenshots below). This seemingly had been introduced in Android 9 (Android Police article) but hardly makes any sense as the FP3 has no notch (currently hiding the battery percentage adds room for two more icons but that can’t be the solution)
  • Add fast charging icon (reference)
  • Minimum screen brightness to be too bright (noted as a problem in some reviews) and the adjustment to different light situation is too unsensitive (reference)


  • Reconnecting to hidden WLAN SSID does not work after having been out of range with it (reference thread)
  • When manually enabling WLAN in airplane mode: encrypted WLAN connections work, while unencrypted WLAN connections don’t work (reference thread)
  • Regain WiFi WPA3 security protocol lost by Update 3.A.0077 (reference)
  • Big Thank You for enabling Ant+ by Android 10 Upgrade (reference)


  • Dark mode is not work properly (reference)
    fixed with update to Android 10

Wish list of improvements (which are most likely not possible atm)

  • Allow an easy way to partition part of the smartphone for a different OS, getting multiboot, akin to how Planet Computers does with Cosmo Communicator (video example + description)

  • Optimalize SnapChat (pictures are over-sharpened and grainy, videos are not smooth or decent quality)