Improving the software of FP3

This thread should contain mainly possible improvements that could be come with software updates to the phone. There is also a wish list where the fancy stuff could find space.
This is a wiki, so feel free to add your points here in one of the two categories.
For clarity reasons please add only key points, please.

probably possible improvements:

Hardware implementation

  • making “hardware button actions” selection available in settings menu, such as “long press power button for torch light”
  • use LED for notifications
  • Lack of NFC toggle in pulldown menu (reference to orig. post)
  • Fingerprint sensor gets triggered multiple times e.g. when taken out of pocket (reference to discussion)
  • add volume function for ring, notification, media, alarm by pressing the volume buttons (reference)

(Status Bar) Icons

  • status bar icons should have fixed width (see screens below)
  • status bar icons should be able to take up more space (see screenshots below). This seemingly had been introduced in Android 9 (Android Police article) but hardly makes any sense as the FP3 has no notch (currently hiding the battery percentage adds room for two more icons but that can’t be the solution)
  • add fast charging icon (reference)
  • minimum screen brightness to be too bright and the adjustment to different light situation is too unsensitive (reference)


  • Reconnecting to hidden WLAN SSID does not work after having been out of range with it (reference thread)


wish list of improvements (which are most likely not possible atm)



Would you mind if we wikify your post, or do you think it is better to have an open dialogue?


How about doing both?
This thread for discussing things and a wiki to list things maybe in differend categories?

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Jep, sounds good. I’ll Make the first post a wiki.


Is the hardware related wish to use the LED for notification worth another point on your wishlist?


Thanks for asking. Since it appears to be a software related issue (as a program which tests the LED shows all the colors): Yes.


Many find the minimum screen brightness to be too bright.

See discussion here, for example: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/lowest-brightness-is-too-bright/


I guess it would be a good idea to ping @Monica.Ciovica, so Fairphone is aware of this thread.
Once the workload and stress-phase of introducing the FP3 has phased out a bit, they possibly could take on this list for the software updates to com. :wink:


WiFi and Network Icons in the status bar should have a fixed width - at the moment neighbouring icons jump left and right if network traffic occurs and is accordingly indicated by the up/down arrows.

Early FP2 users might remember this scenario already. :wink:


Status bar icons should be able to take up more space as there’s no notch limiting the physically available space. This was seemingly changed in Android 9 (see here) but I’d be surprised if this can’t be changed using some setting that’s currently not being exposed, or at build time as a last resort.

Combined with the issue mentioned by @amers this can get super annoying as icons show and hide e.g. when the Wifi transmission arrows appear.


Dark mode does not work properly. Some menues are still white.


One of the great functions on my aging Sony Z3 Compact was a diagnostic app where just about every component of the phone could be tested individually. I think this would fit perfectly into the FP ecosystem of repairability.

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You mean something like Settings - System - Advanced - Developer options (how to enable them in Android is all over the internet) - Service Menu - Service tests?

I’ll admit this looks a bit raw and I didn’t try much there yet.

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Ah yes! Thanks for the tip. As you said, however, it just provides the necessary functionality and is “hidden” in the dev area.

The Sony app is available outside of the dev area and has graphics to help the user understand what’s being tested and how to properly perform the test.

Yeah, Fairphone maintain an App like this called Checkup on the Fairphone 2, but I can imagine porting it over to the Fairphone 3 would not be a priority.

For a start the Service tests seem quite usable, I tried some just now.


The Checkup tool for the FP2 works on the FP3 too. It is available onF-Droid.
The test of the vibro alarm is not working for the FP3. Everything else works.


Cool … but it lacks the soothing Chinese song loop in some of the Service tests :slight_smile: .

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not something I would miss at all :wink:


Kunstbanause :wink: .

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Try to translate that, please. :rofl:

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