ANT+ adapter built-in?


I couldn´t find it anywhere, but does anybody know if the Fairphone 3 has a built-in ANT+ adapter for connecting heartrate straps and other sensor like that.

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I quickly installed the ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor app and it is saying that there’s no adapter, either built-in or external available.

ANTtester by Quantrity on the play store suggests that there’s no built-in ANT and no built-in firmware (it says ‘Error :x: Permission > Additional permission > use ANT hardware’ and there’s no permission to grant)

I haven’t got a USB-OTG adapter, so I cannot test that. The ANTtester app suggests that may work.

Apologies I can’t give you a complete answer on that. I’m a little saddened by the lack of ANT+ :frowning:

There is more information on the ANT+ stuff here. Fairphone isn’t mentioned in their product list but it seems that #discuss:fairphone-2 had it with LineageOS

Problem with Garmin gadgets / app and ANT+ support in Fairphone 2


Thank you very much for your answer. I quickly also tried the ANTTester app with the same result --> not built-in ANT+ hardware.

Cheers, Thomas

It does support BLE, which some straps have. Though I did not use mine with FP3 yet, it did work with FP2.

News from Android 10:
Out of curiosity I tested again with the ANT Tester App and YES, it indicates a included Chip of Firmware Version AVN1.0.1B07 and lets one successfully install all the necessary add-ons.
So anyone motivated to test ANT devices, now is the time :wink:
One needs to manually enable the ANT hardware permission though, but the app guides you comfortably.

(sry for necrobombing, but I am just super happy with FP improving their product=)


Whatever that is? :wink:
This thread is not a year old and the information is super exciting for everyone wanting to use this feature.
It’s really great, you let the community know. :grin: