Adjust vibration Intensity

Is it possible to adjust the vibration intensity of the Fairphone 3 with the official Fairphone OS?
The stock vibration intensity seems quiet hefty to me.


I would also like to support the feature request. Being able to regulate the vibration intensity in the stock OS is really a good idea. In my opinion, the FP3’s vibration intensity is quite strong and it is incredibly loud. Therefore, I disabled most of its use.

Maybe it could even be possible to change its strength individually. For example a light buzz could be perfect for haptic feedback. I hope it is feasible to implement this feature soon.

Feel free to put it on this list, it’s a Wiki …

Apart from that please make sure to inform Fairphone support, because this is a community forum.
Fairphone staff might occasionally read along and engage here, or not, there’s no guarantee they’ll see this here or act on it.

Thank you for the hint. I contacted the support directly and hope it will be included in near future. But I was not able to add it to the improvement list however. I see a lock symbol there.

Edit: After I’ve been promoted a trust level, the edit button got visible. Thanks.

There’s an “Edit” button at the bottom right of the post to edit the Wiki.

The topic is locked because discussion would distract from the Wiki post, I guess.
A corresponding discussion is here …

Forum software is buggy with wiki and comments with regards to thread order.

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