Is there a public bugtracker for FP3 bugs

Does anyone know if there is a public URL for FP3 bugs like https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/ ?

I am wondering for example if this issue “Hidden WLAN SSID is not reconnectin when in range/doesn’t work on initial setup” or some of the issues from the “Improving the software of FP3” list are already in a backlog or ideally even in progress!?


As of today, there is no public bug tracker for the FP3.

Also, this is just a community forum that Fairphone employees might or might not read. If you want to make sure that Fairphone’s support gets involved in issues you might have, you must open a ticket through the official channels (phone or support website).


Hey teezeh, thanks for your answer!
I was just wondering if the community was aware of a bug tracker that I hadn’t found yet, as I just wanted to snoop around to see if tickets get actually filed, looked at & discussed :wink:

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