(Original/regular) Cover issues (deformed, splits, cracks) (see first post)

Hi @everybody,

Thank you for raising this issue and reporting it with photos.

Could you please contact the Customer Support team with the Subject: “Cracked case FP2”. Join one or several photos showing the crack(s) or split(s) on your back cover.

We will then replace the defective back cover under warranty. If you wish to receive another colour than the one your order, please state it clearly.



My replacement cover is on its way.

I think it will have the same journey as my FP2.

Look what arrived today:

A new, intact black matte back cover.


I have a slightly different issue - rubber around the case has warped. No cracks in the case - nothing major at least…

Don’t forget, people - there is no need to say “i have only opened the phone 2 times” - the case itself says “Designed to be opened”

Tagging @anon73900052 so that he is aware or this similar issue.
I will open a ticket with support.

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I moved your post to the right topic.

He is aware, here is his response:

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Hi all,

My back cover has warped around the volume adjustment keys, it now bows out quite considerably. The only times I have removed it off are for when I have to take the battery out for when the phone freezes. Do I have to pay for cover or can I order a free replacement?



There have been issues with some back covers, but you should get a replacement under warranty. See also here:

I’d recommend to contact support and attach a picture of the broken cover.

Thank you very much.


Here are the photos of the warping. Can you help Fairphone 2 Massive team?!

Please note that this is just a community forum, Fairphone staff doesn’t look in regularly.

If you want to contact support, you have to open a ticket, or you can call them directly (this will speed up everything significantly, as they currently have a huge backlog in replying to tickets).

You will find contact details here (scroll down).

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Thanks mate. I have now done that.


Same Problem for me,
I already opened a ticket, but I’m a little concerned it will not be finished til the term of warranty …

As long as you report it before the end of the warranty period, you should be fine.

Your cover is just bent a little. Does that really bother you?
Mine looks the same and it doesn’t cause any issues (like dirt getting in).
I don’t know if a little cosmetical flaw is covered by warranty.

Same issue here. I just glued it with Pattex super gel, it sticks (for now) but it is not so pretty actually… but it could be a solution while waiting for a new cover.

Considering no one has had a FP2 for more than about 7 months… I think that was sarcasm! :joy:

Can’t really be sure, all the below have been interpreted as causing the ‘term of the warranty to run out’:

The two week cooling-off period (nothing to do with warranty, but plenty of panicked reactions here on the forum).
The maximum of 2 months time that you have to notify Fairphone of a defect after it becomes apparent.
The burden of proof shifting to the owner 6 months after delivery.

For all of them, the timing counts as to when you let them know, and not e.g. when they receive the device (if it needs to be returned). Just putting it out there before there’s another couple of panicked responses…

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It’s not just bent, the rubber part is coming off and it’s getting worse every day. It does bother me when my phone is falling apart and it is not just a flaw, its a manufacturing defect. I guess the covers are made by Multi-component Injection Molding, maybe the temperatures where too low and the two materials weren’t fusing well.
So it should be covered by warranty, if not I will need to buy a new cover sooner or later.


Oh ok if it’s getting worse it’s a problem. Mine looked like that from the beginning.

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It was splitting from the beginning?
Mine started forming “waves” a few weeks ago, til it split one week ago.

If I have to buy me a new one I could order more, if you would like some for other Austrian Fairphoners