New slim back cover

At least the old matte covers are already from 50% recycled polycarbonate. As far as I know there is no information yet about the new slim covers.

Do you actually get a free replacement if your cover splits?

If it breaks during the warranty period from regular use, then of course it is covered by warranty.
I already got one replacement under warranty without any problems.

Was not so clear to me. It would have been easy for them to argue (and I partially feel that way), that

  • a bumper case is a wear part (Verschleißteil) just like e.g. brake shoes
  • it is just because of your mishandling the case (see the iPhone 6 plus touch/screen problems; though a huge percentage of users experiences that problem and it has been confirmed that it is actually a design flaw, they deny that it is their fault and thus don’t repair it for free, even if it still has warranty [see also ])

But of course it is good customer service to replace a not-so-well designed part, though you might legally not be obliged to.

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Is it possible to be notified about that? Maybe here?

Yes I followed the guidelines provided here and I got a replacement in less than one week :slight_smile:

I just discovered that you can see the new slim covers in action here. :slight_smile:
The name is easier to read than on the older covers.

I hope they will have more colors in future.
I wish they had the transparent, in the new design.
Maybe a kind of limited edition would be cool.



The Blue Angel award photo actually makes me wonder anew about the turqoise hue. In the shop it looks quite greenish:

But on the new photo (click to enlarge) it appears more like the previous blue matte cases.


Have you seen that in this video they mix up turquoise and indigo:

The indigo is shown when he says turquoise and the turquoise when he says blue.
So maybe your theory is right :wink:

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Very happy about this news. I personally don’t like the current case much, doesn’t feel good in the hand with the square edges. Looking forward to trying the new case when they become available.

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Yep, definitely agree with you… want a slim one… I hated the current case since the begining being too thick on a already big phone…

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Support is only great if you call them. If you try support via the online method you will be waiting a long time. No good for deaf people or people who don’t like talking on the phone.


Well this is not true for me, I never called them and only used the online form for my requests.
I know there are several people which are waiting for long time, perhaps I was simply lucky :slight_smile:


Yes, support was struggeling, but not anymore.
Their responsetime is much much better now.


This surprises me a bit.

I was in our attic/storeroom and I picked up a pair of trousers intending to take my 'phone out of the pocket and put it into the ones I was wearing. Unfortunately I had apparently lain the 'phone on the trousers and so it fell. Straight down the stairs.

Upon reaching the upstairs landing it bounced and continued on its journey in ever increasing bounds to the bottom of the stairs. I was convinced I’d have no 'phone left by the time I got down there, but there it was, translucent blue back intact and still working happily.

What can I say? I’ve now had it for over 9 months and, well, Fairphone functioning fine. I don’t think I’m going to be needing a new cover just yet. :smiley:


The first batch of phones with the new cover is sold-out, so if someone orders now, the phone will arrive until 6th January. (Orders before 10th November will still ship until 16th December.)


There’s been a lot of speculating and reasoning and some answers about the new covers, but I think it would be helpful to put together a few points about them. I hope I have concluded correctly and am just listing what I think is known so far. I’m trying to make this as easy as possible to confirm or not, ideally by @Douwe if one of his reincarnations finds the time :wink:

  1. Both slim and regular cases now consist of two pieces: A (black) rim and a back cover (various colours)
  2. Both slim and regular cases now consist of a different material than before.
  3. Slim and regular back covers only differ in shape (well, and colours, of course).
  4. The regular cases currently (21 November 2016) offered in the shop are still the “old” ones, i.e. connected one-piece covers and still made from the original material.

Almost correct.
The old cover was two materials, hold together and thus in effect; one piece.
The new backcover are two pieces:

  • A black rim to clicks onto the front of the Fairphone 2.
  • A colored back that clicks onto the back and snaps together with the front rim.

No, the regular case has not changed. The new cover is… well… new… :slight_smile:

They differ in many ways: shape, thickness, way you click them onto the Fairphone 2, color and way of production.


edit: I misread Urs question earlier and gave a wrong answer; the regular case has not changed.


Thanks for the clarification, @Douwe! Could you add a word on the expected availability of single slim covers from the shop? My old “fat” one is falling apart (again) and I don’t want to have it exchanged, as I guess the exchanged one wouldn’t last very long either. So I consider production and shipping of one more “fat” cover a waste of ressources and of your money if I will buy a slim one anyway.


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