Fairphone 2 Case

Hello all, enjoyed my Fairphone for the last 8 months- a few switching off problems occasionally but nothing too serious- recently though my case has become warped by the volume controls and I wondered if this is a common problem? Is there a way to resolve it or do I have to buy a replacement case? (I don’t really want to buy another if this is a common problem)

I’ve included a picture

Thank you


Write to Fairphone Support, you should qualify for a warranty replacement (i.e. free :slight_smile: ).

P.S.: Is that a Fairphone 1 that is taking the photo? :smiley:

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Thank you for the reply- I will do.

Sadly it is not…my girlfriend’s iPhone (I am yet to convert her)!!

Yes, I have already contacted support and changed my cover once, and the replacement is getting wobbly too now. I’m waiting for the issue to be resolved before I contact support again.

Just include the photo in your support request and you’ll be fine (I received mine three or four days after I got an answer from the support).

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