FP3 touchscreen experiences ghost inputs

I don’t have Fennec installed, and still experience the issue.

Me to.
But I had the oppertunitys to catch some of the ghost touch inputs with the touchscreen-self-testing-tool and made some screenshots of it. On the pictures you can see, that the ghost touches are mostly not touches, but wipes.

Screenshot_20200622-174109 Screenshot_20200622-205556 Screenshot_20200622-210339 Screenshot_20200622-210419 Screenshot_20200622-210640 Screenshot_20200622-210714 Screenshot_20200623-002904 Screenshot_20200623-002933 Screenshot_20200623-003031 Screenshot_20200623-003405 Screenshot_20200623-193409 Screenshot_20200623-193420 Screenshot_20200623-193542 Screenshot_20200623-223417

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I have the same issues and found out, that it only happens with 4G/LTE active when the mobile signale is bad. when I switch to 3G only, I have no issues.

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Btw, thinking about it, did you contact Fairphone support with these screenshots? This is a clear proof that there is a defect with the screen. (You can go in the find and fix an issue yourself section, and follow the steps : FairphoneDisplayThe touch screen is partially defectiveConfirm diagnostic it’ll go faster.)


Thanks for that! It didn’t do much to solve the problem but it might certainly help a few others. I now have exchanged a few e-mails with the support team. Looks like my phone has to be sent in for repair. I’m still not quite sure if its a hardware or software problem. When I know more I will write up another post.


Hello everyone

Well, I sent my phone off for repair and received it back today. The repair slips says that they basically replaced the display module (with an off-the-shelf module - they sent me the packaging for it lol) and performed a software update.

So far, seems ok. I’ll keep an eye on it and post here with an update if the problem resurfaces.


Hi guys,

i had similar problems until the screen failed completly. My probelm was that a connection on the display itself was loose (probably from shaking etc.). I fixed it by removing the display and gently press down the silver coverage which you can see on the image below:

There seems to be a connector from the display underneath, connecting the display input to the small board - that than seems to relay the signal to the mainboard via the connector. My phone runs now fine for the last 7 Days. I also linked the original post here:

Hopefully this helps to solve some of the problems with the ghost inputs as well.




Same problem I have. Usually it scrolls the top bar and randomly push some virtual buttons but overall it “touches” anywhere.
Also I experienced that Google assistant opens randomly, so I turned the Google assistant off. It helped for like a week with no problems, but now it’s back…
I tried anti-virus, because it looked like thread to me for the first time > no threads found.
…NO IDEA what to do

You tried @Moaxle’s tip?

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Ok, I have received my phone back after “repair” by Cordon.

Unfortunately they can’t reproduce the problem and just cleaned my touchscreen and made a software update :man_facepalming:

So after setting up my “repaired” phone again the issue appears again after some hours. What a surprise… 1 week of wasted time… :roll_eyes:

I contacted the Fairphone support again.

Have you seen this post already?


I got my phone back from repair today – four weeks after I reported ghost inputs to FairPhone service team. Cordon did – nothing. The say the couldn’t reproduce the problem.

I think it’s time for FairPhone to find a fair solution for their customers. My phone was just five weeks old…



I’m sorry for you…

Did you try @Moaxle’s tip written a bit higher?

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Hi, @Alex.A,

thanks for your hint. That would save some time, you are right. But: Maybe I’m a little bit old-fashioned, maybe I’m too correct (or too german…), but I think it is FairPhones job to repair a device they sold five weeks before, not at least to save my guaranty in case I do something wrong (what is not very likely in this special case, but it may happen).

I like this company, but I wanted to buy a phone that I can repair if something is broken – and not a phone I have to repair cause FairPhone or Cordon won’t.

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I understand your point of view. But if I can try to repair my phone without voiding the warranty, I will try. Even if it should be the job of Cordon or FP. If the support team had hinted you to try this, would you have done it? If yes, well I don’t see really the difference as a result.
You experience this issue. You don’t have to repair it, you can keep your issues if you want. The thing is you don’t, you would like them to be solved. And for this, you have two solutions: asking the repair team, or doing it yourself. Support and repair team didn’t manage, I’m truly sorry, but you can still try yourself.
I understand you would like Fairphone to repair this defect because your phone is under warranty, but as a result it will not change much to do it yourself.

@jande doesn’t seem to be the only one to experience this. Could you ask the responsible team at Fairphone to investigate this problem with @Moaxle’s solution, and try to understand if there is a defect or not? I don’t have any idea what the problem is, but a few people seem to have had this problem with this as solution.

My phone first got stuck om TWRP under a system update, was sent to repair, came back but now there is problem with a screen ghost. It is very annoying when the phone suddenly calls someone, switches on the flashlight, on flight mode. I bought this phone because I wanted a repairable and sustainable long term phone, but now it seems that I have to buy a new one. Grrr.

Maybe you do not have to, just read the tip above on how to fix your issue.


Thank you for your advice. I followed the instructions and the ghost has gone. Three days and fingers crossed…


A new touchscreen module fixed the issue for me finally.

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Just in case that it means something. I have the same problem on my FF2!
It might be a coincidence but the problem ocured after doing the last update of FairPhone Open.