Unreactive touchscreen

My FP3+ touchscreen is unreactive for periods of 10-15 minutes, multiple times a day. This really bothers me. I run the standard GAPPS operating system. The problem occurs multiple times a day randomly. It also occurs when I just pick it up and I’m not running any apps.

I searched for solutions on the forum. I found some tips that said to take it apart (take out the screen module) and put it back together. I did that and it helped but the issue started occuring again after 1 day. Therefore I think it is a connection issue between the hardware.

My next move will be to take it apart again and clean the connectors. I’m thinking of using high proof alcohol (90%) but I just want to check here on what to use best. Can anyone tell me what I can use best to clean it?

Please write down any suggestions on other solutions to try. I would really like to solve this issue. Thanks in advance to the people in the comments!


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I have seen isopropyl alcohol suggested on the forum, though I guess 90% alcohol will work fine. Myself I use 70% alcohol.

You could also try this suggestion that seems to have helped many people experiencing ghost touches:


When the touchscreen is unresponsive like this, could you try to change the volume? If the screen displays the change of volume, it should really be a problem with the touch functionality. If it does not display the change of volume, it could be a temporary system freeze (caused e.g. by an app that is stalled) instead.


I can change the volume so it’s a problem with the touch functionality.


Thank you for your anwser. I think I will use isopropyl alcohol instead then because it doesn’t contain water (I’ve researched a little more). Using high proof alcohol is okay too it just needs to dry really well.

I didn’t read posts about ghost input because that doesn’t happen. The phone just react to my touch and doesn’t do anything else. But this seems like a good solution I should try!

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I took the screen out, cleaned everything with a cotton cloth and 90% alcohol and pressed on the metal part indicated in the solution you tagged. Had no problems with my touchscreen ever since, at least for the last 1,5 weeks! Thanks so much for the tip!


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