Display with coloured pixel

Hi to everyone.
From the very beginning, I had this problem with my Fairphone 3: when my phone fell out of my pocket or hit something, the screen became full of colored pixels.
After a few minutes it would work again.
Since yesterday, the screen is completely frozen with pixels and i can’t get it to work anymore. even doing the reboot.
I saw may of you has the same problem. how did you resolve it?
un saluto a tutta la comunità.
Guido Lampredi.

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Hi Guido and welcome,
If not done yet, you could dissamble/reassamble, probably there is just a loose connection due to the fall.
You can use the “screwdriver” that came with the FP3.


Just to conform @yvmuell view see also

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Ciao Yvonne.
Thank you for your advice.

I resolved my problem.
Un saluto.



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