Call and Media volume automatically changing since last update while using headphones

Hi, was wondering if anyone else is experience automatic volume changes during phone calls and/or listening to music/media on the phone while using headphones?
I have this since the latest software update using the FP headset.

This is a general solution and not specific to fairphone…But you can try it to check if the issue comes from app

Boot your device in to safe mode.
In this condition, you are working in protected environment and none of app starts automatically
If the issue remains, it’s related to an app for sure

Hi Erica, thanks for your reply. But it is not an app.
It happens with various musiclistening apps (not one specific), but even worse…it happens while making a phone call with the standard phone app.
Also, when I do open the volume settings I do see that the volume slider has gone up (additional info: phone is lying down on my desk, I am not touching it).

If it was just one app I would have indeed tested what you suggest.

Do you have any other Bluetooth audio devices connected to the phone when this happens? Not sure if this applies, but e.g. if a Bluetooth headset is capable of adjusting the master volume on its own, it might be the culprit.

It is a cabled headset (the FP No bluetooth devices connected.

Usually after a restart of the phone it is good again for a while.

Your FP3 might be suffering from the “ghost input issue”:

I was thinking about that as well. Though, it is really only the volume, so that would be a rather strange “ghost input issue”. Not really comparable with what we experienced with FP1(U) at that time.

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It could be caused by the VOL+ button, too, when it is stuck, or when the contact is statically charged.

I thought about that, but it is too random and not consistent enough. When I restart the phone, for example it doesn’t happen any more.
Also, when I do increase the volume myself it doesn’t stick, it stops when I remove my finger.
Additionally, because it stops after a reset and only returns so once in a while I rather think it is a software bug.

Hence, I am not really looking for a “solution” but rather would love to hear if others experience the same issue.
Please don’t forget I used to work at FP myself as Customer Support Specialist and after that as After Sales Process Specialist.
I kinda know how to diagnose the Fairphone for hardware issues :wink:

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Regarding static charge, it might be possible that the phone works for a while after you touched it to reboot it.

Some things can happen to many electronic devices, not just Fairphones…

Some things can happen to many electronic devices, not just Fairphones…

I know, but it is more to let know I am not looking for people who help me to diagnose my issue and what to look for what could be the cause.
I am looking if more people experience the same issue, to make sure I am not going crazy and find out if it is a bug or not.

I have already ruled out the apps, buttons and ghost touches. Only things I can still imagine are either an issue with the headset/headset connector, or a bug in the software. And to be sure on the last option I would like to know if more people experience this problem, so I can put it in the bug tracker :smile:

And if not, I am going to check with another headset if the problem returns :wink:

Ah, is it a public bugtracker for the FP3?

That I actually didn’t check.
But I know who to bug if there isn’t :wink:
Not working there anymore, but still have my contacts.

Please “bug” that person to reveal a bugtracker for the FP3, too. :wink:


I have noticed this problem too however only a few times and not with headphones, with the sound coming directly from the phone. The sound has suddenly reduced a few minutes into playing my meditations (and I don’t want to fiddle with my phone once I start so it’s a little frustrating!) however not every time so it’s hard to track.

It is indeed very random.
With further diagnosis I found it mainly to happen during calls, and the volume slide does not change. The slider is on lowest volume, but the sound is a maximum volume (never in between).
When I slide it up a bit you directly get a drop in the sound level.

Notice it a lot because for my current work I am on the phone most of the day using the FP.

Yes this is happening to me too… Phone only a month old, I’m listening to radio with no headset and volume slider goes all the way up without me touching the phone. Happened three times last night.