FP2 cannot install Fairphone Open 17.10.1


I’ve just bought a Fairphone 2 (the one with the brand new camera) and already wanted to install the Fairphone Open 17.10.1 OS.
I managed to start the phone on fastboot and launch the unix script.
Everything went smoothly (it’s upgrading the phone then ask to press enter to reboot the phone) but after rebooting and seemed to update normaly the phone stays stuck to “Android Update : Parameters preparation in progress…” message. I’ve waited about 20 minutes but didn’t change anything.
I already succeed in installing the last image of Android 6.0.1 so it makes me think that I’m able to install an OS with the fastboot way.

Thanks for any help

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Wipe “data” and “dalvik cache” from TWRP Recovery. You can start the phone in #dic:recoverymode keeping pressed Power and Vol + at the same time until the phone boots.

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Hi Roboe,
Thanks for the quick answer.
I’ve followed your advices, but it didn’t work.
The phone has been back to factory mode and turned back language in english so the good thing is that I am able to write the correct message where it stays stuck : “Android is upgrading / Preparing Settings”

You could try the TWRP way to completely wipe the phone and make a clean install from scratch … I found that to be very helpful and reliable when trying out different OSes.

Attention! This will remove the installed OS and all your data from the phone (which most things labeled “factory reset” on the Fairphone 2 will not completely do).

  • Get TWRP running as recovery (skip this step if you have the latest version running already):
    Download the latest TWRP image from the “Download Links” section and follow the “Fastboot Install Method (No Root Required)” section over at twrp.me.
    Mind the image filename, they give a generic one in their instructions.
    (Let the phone stay connected via USB afterwards, that will be needed again later to transfer a file).

  • Download the file from the “OTA” section of the Fairphone Open OS downloads (not one of the OTA switcher files) as a preparation. Transfer follows later.

  • Boot the phone into the TWRP recovery.


  • Settings - uncheck “Zip signature verification” - back to main menu

  • Mount - check “System”, “Cache”, “Data” and “Micro SDCard” (if available) - back to main menu

  • Wipe - Advanced Wipe - check “Dalvik / ART Cache”, “System”, “Cache”, “Data” and “Internal Storage”, do not check “Micro SDCard” (if available) - Swipe to Wipe - back to main menu (if it doesn’t return automatically)

  • Transfer the OTA file downloaded earlier to the microSD card (if available) or to Internal Storage (should work, but I never tried that myself, I use a microSD card).

  • Install - Select Storage: (depending on where the file is) “Micro SDCard” or “Internal Storage” - select the OTA file from the list - Swipe to confirm Flash - when finished, reboot (this reboot really might take a while, so be patient)


Hello AnotherElk,

Thank you very much for your detailed post.

I’m not really a huge fan to install third parties tools.
Anyway it’s getting late here, so I will read your post calmy tommorow.


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If you mean TWRP … TWRP already is the recovery of Fairphone Open OS, but

  • Fairphone Open OS’s TWRP might not be the latest version, which may result in what I’m talking about not corresponding to what you see in an older TWRP version
  • I reuse those steps for different OSes, getting the latest TWRP running makes the steps work universally. You can try to use the TWRP version already there on your phone with Fairphone Open OS.

Oops, I didn’t knew it. As I said I’m new with fairphone.
So, ok I’m gonna try (maybe this WE) it and let you know.

Many thanks.

Hi AntherElk,

I followed your instructions and it works!
I only needed to press Volume Up + Power button after the first fastboot reboot command (if not the device replace TWRP during first boot) to access to twrp then be able to install Fairphone Open OS.
Next step : install sailfish OS :slight_smile:

So Thanks You very much!

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