Battery Symbol still indicates charging after unpluging the charger

Hi there,

since a couple of weeks my FP2 always indicates charging, even though the phones charger isn’t pluged in anymore. The only workaround is to restart it, which is pretty annoying.

I already contacted the support, because I couldn’t find a post in the forum. Therefore they send me at first a new battery as well as a new bottom module later, which both did not fix the failure.

I also set the phone to its default options, which also did not fix the failure.

Does anybody has an idea, and how to fix it?

Could it be, that the display module is somehow broken?
Or is it possible to fix it with a hard reset (how would it work?)?

Many thanks for your replys in advance.

I find difficult to diagnose the cause from remote, especially when you have to no problem to start charging and you get a proper symbol. Is this the case?

Hi Amber, thanks for your reply. Yes, I can start charging, that’s no problem. I even get a proper symbol. However, as soon as I unplug the charger, the phone still indicates charging, all the time, unless I restart the phone.

Normaly the display awakes when unplugging the charger, that doesn’t happen anymore.

May be an interesting fact is, that the notififcation light in the upper left corner still works well. It shows red/yellow/green when charging and switches off when unplugging.

Do you have any idea, how I may fix it?

Are you using standard Fairphone OS with Google or FP Open or similar with Root and maybe installed Xposed-Plugins?

Yep, I am using standard Fairphone OS with Google. No root, no custom rom, no Xposed-Plugins. I’ve only installed apps from the PlayStore.

Seems to be some display bug for me, but then I would hope that more people experience this issue. Unfortunately I have never experienced this battery charging indication bug. Does anybody found this issue as well?

Not personally, but there are references quickly to be found e.g. here, here and here.

From these sources I thought the USB port sounded like a promising culprit, but as in this case the bottom module was already exchanged (and the display must have been taken off and put on again in the process) and the charging LED is working as intended … that does not seem likely to me.

Factory reset was also done already, but judging from my experience that does not completely reset the phone to its initial state. So I would backup my data, wipe the phone completely and reinstall the OS from scratch, but that is not for the faint of heart :slight_smile: .

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Hi, the problem still exists.

I want to reinstall the OS from scratch. Do you have a good instruction for this undertaking?

Did you ever update your OS since this issue first appeared? Since August there were 4 updates and updating should have the same effect to software issues as reinstalling the OS.
If updating doesn’t help a #dic:hardreset might, but it will erase all your data, so make a #dic:backup first.

Yes, my FP2 is always up to date. I also did that hard reset which is described here in Step 2 - didn’t fix the problem. However, I hoped that a new installation would fix it. Don’t you think? I don’t have another idea.

I don’t think any relevant software remains untouched after hard reset+update, but I may be wrong.

Neither the factory reset in the OS nor the factory reset in TWRP wipe the phone really completely from my experience. I had my fair share of tries in the past (but perhaps current versions of TWRP do it better? Don’t know.) :wink: .

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the stock Android recovery which Fairphone OS uses, I never used that. But you can slightly adapt the Fairphone Open OS procedure given here for Open OS’s TWRP recovery …

Slightly adapting means that you need Fairphone OS installation files, not Fairphone Open OS ones, and mind that you need OTA files for installing via TWRP, not files for “manual” installation. OTA files for Fairphone OS are here …

(Be aware that as I read it, you need to install two files in succession this way to get to the current OS version … the “FP2 - Update file of Fairphone OS 1.13.0” file and then the “FP2 - Update file of Fairphone OS 17.12.1 from 1.13.0” file, as the 1.13.0 file is the last complete OTA file given there, even it is called an update, everything else are really just updates from another version. Don’t boot in between, just queue the two files in TWRP for installing and then flash them in one go.)

Anyway, the important part is the complete wipe in TWRP before installing any OS.
If you are not comfortable with flashing the TWRP recovery (even if Fairphone OS should restore its own recovery if you boot the OS directly after installing), you can boot TWRP without flashing it.

If you are more comfortable using fastboot to install the OS, you can leave TWRP be after the wiping, boot into fastboot mode and continue with the standard manual installation given here (download the OS file given there then, OTA files don’t work with this method) …

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