Open OS Manual Flashing Script does not work

I bought a FP2 in an orange store in FRANCE. I want to switch it to Fairphone open but I have a problem. I download and unzip
My computer works with ubuntu 16.04.
I turn off my FP2, turn on in fastboot mode.
I start the unix script,
I have the message:
benoit@yoga:~/Téléchargements/fp2$ ./
** Fairphone Open 18.01.1 Manual Flashing Script **

WARNING: Flashing this image wipes all user data and settings on the phone.

Validating files…
Validation complete.
And then nothing happen.
Thanks for ideas.

looking at the installation guide, I thought it’s simple to install FP Open. I try to install from Win7 using the manual switcher. Phone is connected, script starts,

"fairphone open 18.02.0 Manual Flashing Script
Validating files…
All files ar valid,
One device in fastboot mode is connected.
Are you sure you want to wipe all user data and settings on the phone?
Type “Yes” to continue: "

once I type “yes” and enter script ends itself. How I can get the installation to run?

No error message or something?
Alternatively, you can use TWRP to install the OS. Fairphone Open OS uses TWRP as its recovery anyway.

Try typing “Yes” (with uppercase “Y”, mnd the case), AFAIK this did the trick in another case.


Indeed, it is “Yes” instead of “yes”. Did it on Monday and can confirm it works with the capital “Y”.

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As far as I remember, I had to use “sudo” with the script even if Fastboot is installed on my Unbuntu 16.04 system.
Before to launch the script you can use “Fastboot devices” to check if Fastboot see your FP2, you’ll get the reference of your FP2.


Dear AnotherElk,

FP Open is installed. Andorid system is all new to me, I was actually fighting with it for the last couple of days.

By moving my question you made me find the solution for the non-working bat. I typed “yes” instead of “Yes”. Can’t believe I didn’t notice that myself.

Thank you very much for your help!

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I try to install fairphone open, but the installation script checks the files without doing anything else than making the cursor flashing in the void.

I don’t understand, i followed all the steps, my phone is connected in fastboot mode and is recognized by the command «fastboot device». But now, it doesn’t even says that it didn’t found my phone, it does nothing and give no explanation.


It works. Thanks. You should add «execute with root» in the doc.

Which steps did you follow?
Fairphone’s guide says …
“If you have not installed ‘fastboot’ using the distribution package management system, you need to prefix the command above with ‘sudo’.”

I’m using Windows, so I can’t check. Can you please confirm you installed fastboot using the distribution package management system?
Perhaps then we could try to get Fairphone to change this.

Actually, i have installed fastboot, so i should have worked even without root.

Hi there,

OK then, but the question is how did you install fastboot?

If you didn’t use the package management system of your distribution, the documentation seems clear (to me…), but if you did, maybe it should be change.

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Actually, i used the package manager.

Hi again,

So, I agree, the command should have work without root privileges…

Just a thought : could it be something related to your linux distribution (some kind of security level maybe)? Which one are you using?

@Douwe Can this be changed in the guide so that the script should be run using sudo in any case?

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