Reactivation lock after factory reset

I just got my new FP2.
I first logged in and test with an new fake google account, just to get an impression before moving over my data from my old fairphone. Before replacing new to old, I wanted to reset the phone to factory settings. I did so via the system recovery, via hard wipe.

After hard factory reset I was asked to log in with my google account. I found out this is googles “new” security feature called reactivation lock. But I don’t remember my “new fake google account” that I used just to test the phone.
So no I can not access my phone!
I did not get an answer from the support after 2 weeks.

Is there any possibility to get around the android reactivation lock?
Can this only be done by the supplier (fairphone)?

Thanks for any answers

It should go away after 72 hours.

Technical question: Does this reactivation lock also lock fastboot mode?

I don’t think so. I also think if you flash LineageOS and possibly FPOOS, it shouldn’t lock the phone.

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Ok, so getting TWRP to run and wiping the phone and installing the OS from scratch would be an option (the linked post is about Fairphone Open OS, OTA files for Fairphone OS are here, but be aware of the little pitfall about the old version and the update files).

This only applies if the account password was changed at any time from 24h before the factory reset to 72h after the reset. The problem here is that the password is unknown altogether.

I’m not sure how this lock works, but my guess would be that some kind of ID is sent to google as part of the setup process. Installing and using a non-google OS may therefore work, but anything that uses the google setup wizard probably won’t work now or in the future.

Fairphone is technically the only party that can verify ownership of the phone, so if anyone would be able to bypass this, it should be them. Whether Google has devised a system to allow this, is another question.


So in this situation it would be easier to install a less googly OS than full Google?
Does Google know? Did somebody get fired over this :slight_smile: ?


Thanks for your fast replys. So I see the only possibility to go on with the normal FP2 OS ist to return it to fairphone…
So I hope I get a reply from the supportteam soon…

Just to finish the topic:
After 4 weeks I finally got a reply from FairPhone support for my issue. They are able to reset the phone OS, I would need to send it back to them. This procedure would cost 59€.

Luckily I found a little note with my needed login data while arring some of my christmas decoration, So I am just happy getting back into my phone without any detours.


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