Troubleshooting my Fairphone 2

Hello guys
Yesterday i received my new Fairphone and i wanted to install Ubuntu Touch on it.I have downloaded the ubport installer, i selected my phone the version etc and it started flashing the image to my new phone.But suddenly something went wrong and my phone is bricked.
When i try to reboot my phone (volume up and then power) the only thing that i get is the fairphone logo “powered by ubuntu” (it doesn’t always turn on; sometimes when i want to reboot it the only thing that i get is the red light flashing for some time to then turn off).I tried to get into recovery mode but when i launch it and i get the ‘resting’ green Android robot i try to click the power button but no windows open to me and nothing happens (after some time my phone suddenly get out of the recovery mode and i get the logo back on).I have also tried to connect my phone to the computer (i currently use Ubuntu 18.04) but my computer doesn’t recognize any phone.
I have tried everything but it seems like nothing works…Can you help me?

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Perhaps try to get a working recovery and a supported OS to run again …

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