FP2 won't boot after failed recovery

Hello Fairphoners,

my Fairphone 2 does not boot anymore. After the black Fairphone (powerd by Android) Screen, the Screen turns completely blue and nothing else happens. The screen won’t dimm itself either, no matter how long the wait. I can only turn it off by removing the battery.

This happend after I tried a recovery of the whole system via TWRP. Which seemed to be successful. But after TWRP (ver. 3.0.2-0) said recovery complete (or something like that) I pushed the reboot button and nothing happend, the whole thing seemd to be frozen and I could only restart the phone by removing the battery.
I am still able to get into TWRP, but if I try a recovery I can not exit without it freezing again. I can however reboot if I do not attempt a recovery.

I also tried to reinstall OpenOS via fastboot according to this guide, but the Windows 7 console does not seem to recognize any connected devices. Probably because (I think) I never activated USB-debugging in OpenOS.

This whole thing startet after I updated to OpenOS 17.10.1 ans shortly after all my contacts had been gone.

Does anyone have an idea how I can get my phone working again? Thanks in advance.
By the way, I am pretty much a newbie to this whole smartphone-software thing so please be patient with me.

With your TWRP 3.0.x still working, I guess you don’t have one of the new screens?
(… which normally would require a current TWRP version and you not recovering an older OS version not supporting the new screen yet … but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.)

Well, I’m only good at wiping completely and installing from scratch. That works reliably, but erases all data on the phone. But if you want to try …

Thank you verymuch for your fast reply. My phone is working again due to your advice. I lost some data but nothing critical. So thanks again.

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