Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

Hi all,

I’m here with a production and delivery update. We know you’re eagerly awaiting delivery and I can speak for the team and say we very much want to ship them to you! We’ve had a few bumps along the way, and I apologize that we haven’t been able to give you more information on production or delivery sooner.

We’re working to improve our communication with this thread where we’ll post ongoing updates. In addition to our update below, we’re also planning to publish more news in a blog post tomorrow.

Since the last update where we were finalizing the pilot build, we reported an issue that set final assembly to 23 November with delivery beginning the first week of December. Unfortunately, we weren’t out of the woods just yet, and we were delayed again with a component issue which required it to be remade by the supplier. This sometimes happens, but it’s especially unfortunate timing just before ramp-up of final assembly.

Now that we have validated the component, this week we are running the final controlled ramp-up build. If this goes well, next week final assembly will begin. After final assembly, roughly there’s one week of shipping/processing from China to our distribution center in the Netherlands, and then according to this plan it’s expected that during the week of 21 December, the first batch of phones will be delivered across Europe on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tomorrow in our blog, we’ll have more specific numbers on expected numbers for delivery before and after Christmas. We’ll also be writing all owners by email by the end of the week.

@Douwe will be working with the whole team to keep supplying updates in this thread. Thanks again for your patience. Almost… !



Thanks @anon90052001 & @Douwe for staying late (?) to give us this update :+1: :grin:


Thank you very much for the update!


Thanks for the update! Now I’m very excited, how many devices can be shipped before Christmas. I hope the number is bigger than my order number :wink:
And I know: the week was not your choice. But the parcel services will hate you for starting the delivery process the final days before Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

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The post can’t be empty, so I’ll type a smiley :wink:

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Glad to have some news! Even though the news means I most probably have till wait past Christmas or in the new year till my phone gets delivered, with 2338 as my order number. I turn 45 on the 2nd of january, might be a nice birthday gift to myself if the phone makes it by then.

At worst this still means 24+ hours of excitement for me :smiley: .


Thank you very much for the update. Hopefully there will be more than 3000 phones shipped before Christmas :blush:

Hopefully more than 6620!!

Thanks guys - sounds like we’re in for a merry Christmas!

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Thank you for updating all of us; with “Vorfreude” waiting FAIRPHONERS !
Around 6000. Happy new year :grinning: :grinning: :yum: :sweat: :cold_sweat: :scream: :astonished:

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awesome to hear about the progress :slight_smile: even though i just ordered like 10 days ago :wink: and i got a kind of maybe silly question - how do i know which “number” my phone will be? :neutral_face::grin:

Hey Ari,

it is written in the email which you will get after your payment confirmation.

thanks ZECKS :slight_smile: so is it the last digits of the order# ?


there is a delivery number written in this email :smile:

No, in the email receipt that you got it should say “This is your delivery number: xxxxxx”

The email with this info should have subject: “Fairphone: Receipt # xxxxxxxx for Order # xxxxxx”

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I’m 458!,although I think sometime in the new year is more realistic. The timeline above seems tight, especially when including shipping to the UK. Busy time of the year for the couriers.

Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the update, I can wait for quality too, take your time, do the things good.

Although I have a question: around Christmas I will travel all around France, can I make sure that the phone will reach the location I’m in? Will I have some time to update the delivery address once you give me a good estimation of the delivery date?

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That’s rather a question to ask support :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: but unfortunately this sentence is not written in that mail.

Still thank you both for the answers - i’ll just wait patiently :wink: