Production update to come (Oct '15)

@Douwe thanks for the update! Hope to hear a bit better news soon :wink:

Hi Fred,

This was a known issue and should now be fixed. Thanks for the tip!

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I just buy one, and "expected delivery was January, that mean it will be December ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that makes perfect sense and is clear the way it is written

No. It was a mistake that it said December.

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Yes, it is fixed :smile: Good for the people buying these days.

I like the “early January” :slight_smile:

We want news/pictures from Suzhou !!! :blush:
(by the way the 2 recent videos on facebook are great!)

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I guess the next tranche of sales will be by the service providers who bulk purchased just before we hit the 15,000 … and THEN when people see them in the flesh, orders will pick up again.

… anyway only a few weeks to go for we kickstarters!

I got a general question : Did you order directly 15’000 phones at the 1st of october ? Or did you order more than that with preorders ? Is it important for you to order by big packs ?

todays number is:

22.046 phones sold


Thanks for the update :wink:

@Douwe can we expect a production update with more information (as promised in the last blog entry) this week?

I’ll answer for @Douwe and say yes, today, we will post news.


Toll!!! Endspurt mit Vorfreude :grinning:

I hope this will be good news. :smile:

@joe: update today failed and will come tomorrow, I hope? or you have a very long working day and are still working on it in the evening? (it’s 18:00 now)

He is still working on it. I can see him typing like crazy all the way from here :slight_smile:


Would love to see that x) Let’s be patient, people :smiley:


Share a pic! :wink:



And it is in!
Go here to read it: