Welcome! Introduce yourself here!


I’m a new Fairph’owner since one week.
I live in Belgium, I’m a IT developer.
I’m concerned by ecology, economy, sustainable projects, the futur of our world.
Here is my article about Fairphone : http://www.extrapaul.be/agir/rejoignez-la-communaute-fairphone/



Hi all!

I am a research engineer in computing science (for biology) and I can’t wait to have my Fairphone2 (I order it at Centre Commercial in Paris, it was supposed to be there the 12, but…)

I am still using the first Samsung Galaxy S, with lots of work on it, mostly reinstalling Cyanogen thousand time and configure lots of stuff. And since KitKat, the SGS is becoming really too slow to be easy to use… So I changed for Fairphone2!

I’ll be glad to help on french translation or developing cool functions if needed :slightly_smiling:

And to respond to the first message of this topic, I also climb a lot, you should come to see Fontainebleau :wink: And I also do a lot of paragliding!




I’m Mike from LA, working there as a physiotherapist.I just got my fair phone three days ago and I’ve fallen in love with it!
Thank you so much at all the team for the great job you make! So amazing to see you giving an example of how fair yet aspiring products can look like!



Hi, I’ve ordered my Fairphone one week ago and today it has finally arrived. Just as excited as I am by the phone itself I am by the amazing ideas behind the project. Keep up the good work, you are making a real difference in this world!



@ExtraPaul, @NicoM, @tracastrophe, @wonderman, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

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I’m David, and I’m an IT specialist from Sweden.
My interests are books, music, craft beer and making the world a better place. :wink:

Still waiting for my FP2…delivery number 14660 means I’ll probably have to wait some weeks more.


Hi @juli_r and @cryptonomicon, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Thank you @Stefan! Maybe I should introduce myself.

I am Juli(ane) working as a freelance translator (German, English, French) in Leipzig, Germany.

I hardly remember when and where exactly I first heard about Fairphone. It must have been back in June/July 2013. From the very beginning, I was absolutely fascinated by this topic - a fair smartphone! Could this be true? Until then, I had been using two outdated Nokia somethings (no smartphones, just old-fashioned mobile phones - one private, one business) but was thinking about switching to smartphones, preferably with 2 SIM slots. So, Fairphone came in handy! :smiley:

I pre-ordered the Fairphone and had to wait another couple of months before becoming a proud owner of the FP1 in January 2014! And I really love this phone. :blush: Despite some (minor) issues with the storage upgrade (including 2 factory resets + wipe data)… But everything else works smoothly (camera, GPS etc.) and with the great help of the members of a dedicated Fairphone group on facebook, I was (and still am) always able to solve any issues (and even help others with theirs). :slightly_smiling:

Then, I heard about the FP2 and was absolutely tempted to buy it too. Considering the pros and cons of buying a second smartphone in only 2 years of time, I finally decided to go for it. [This project also needs people supporting the idea of Fairphone.] First, I thought that I might sell my FP1 but I guess I will keep it as a (solid and reliable) backup solution.

Well, now I am really looking forward to my new FP2 - even though I will miss some essentials that I got used to (e.g. having a rooted phone, using Xposed Installer/Framework etc.). [And yes, I am following the thread/wiki on how to root the FP2 with SuperUser. :wink: Not yet sure if I will try this out or wait for the official solution… We’ll see.]

To make a long story short: I am a very happy FP user and so glad to be part of this great community. :smile:


I see what you did there… :smirk: (For all that don’t understand German: “Handy” means mobile phone… ;))


A pun that only works with the German speaking audience - but “to come in handy” is a proper phrase. :smirk:


Hi all,

I’m Maurice from Karlsruhe, Germany, working there as an electronics and software developer.

In spring / summer 2015 I was struggling to find a a new phone to replace my good old Galaxy Note (which at that time was just over three years old). While I was still mostly happy with its features and performance (thanks to CyanogenMod) the hardware slowly started to fail (buttons, USB connector).

I already had compiled a short list of phones which would meet (most of) my requirements. Then Fairphone launched the FP2 pre-order. It was the (almost*) perfect match I and placed my order the same day.

The FP2 is my third Android phone and I hope it will make it into the next decade!

  • Still hoping for a wireless charging case!

Welcome, @ChuckMorris! :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m Kate. I’ve just put in a pre-order for a Fairphone 2! Very excited (although I guess I’ll have a while to wait). I only came across Fairphone recently but it makes perfect sense and I’m so glad there are other people out there who feel that treating people fairly and caring for the environment are really important :slight_smile:


Hi, @Kelm, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Pass your enthusiasm about Fairphone on to the people around you! :smiley:

Do you know that it takes more energy to charge your phone wireless?

Hi everyone!

My name is Julien, discovered the fairphone last year thanks to a friend and got it 3 days ago!
So far really happy about it!

And also really glad to be part of what looks like a great community!


Welcome to the forum, @julien8! Have fun with your new FP2! :slight_smile:

I’m a new FP2 user from Helsinki, Finland.
I’m still getting used to the new interface, trying to figure out how to make my battery last for the whole day, trying to get excited for making the switch to using only this phone as my “works for everything” phone.
(It would be nice to find a shortcut for enabling the hotspot feature for example, as my phone IS my internet connection.)
Gotta love Finland and reasonably priced “real” flatrates :slight_smile:
Anyways, it’s great that such a forum like this exist - I already got help yesterday. Thank you!


Well, I have not introduced myself here. I speak :de: and :gb:. Let’s copy the text from my profile:

:de: Hallo liebe Fairphone-Gemeinde! Ich (* 1991) lebe in der Nähe von Dresden und habe seit 8. Januar 2016 ein Fairphone 2. Zuvor nutzte ich seit Dezember 2007 ein (zuvor von meiner Mutter benutztes) Siemens A55, welches auch mein erstes Handy war. Das Fairphone 2 ist also mein zweites Handy und mein erstes Smartphone. Der Hauptgrund, warum ich mir ein Fairphone gekauft habe, ist, dass ich es nicht einsehe, alle zwei Jahre ein neues Handy zu kaufen. Die „klassischen“ Android-Smartphone-Hersteller hören meiner Meinung nach viel zu schnell auf, Softwareupdates herauszubringen, womit man bald an Inkompatibilitäten und offenen Sicherheitslücken (wie Stagefright) leidet. Android nutze ich, weil es kein „Walled Garden“ wie iOS und Windows Phone ist.

:gb: Hello Fairphoners! I (born 1991) live near Dresden, Germany and have a Fairphone 2 since 8 January 2016. Before that, I used a Siemens A55 since December 2007 (which was used before by my mother). The Siemens A55 was my first mobile phone, so the Fairphone 2 is my second mobile phone and my first smartphone. The main reason why I bought a Fairphone is that I don’t accept to buy a new mobile phone every two years. In my opinion, the “classical” Android smartphone manufacturers stop too early supplying software updates so you will soon suffer from incompatibilities and security holes (like Stagefright). I use Android because it is not a “walled garden” like iOS or Windows Phone.