Estimated Delivery

ear Fairphone,

I ordered and paid for my fairphone on 2nd February. In the confirmation email I received it said ‘expected delivery: March 2016’. It has been very frustrating to not find an estimated date within March, and even more frustrating to see that, when logging onto it now says APRIL 2016.

I understand the model you are working with and wish to support you by purchasing a Fairphone. However, you must improve on your comms. First of all, it is not acceptable just to give a month as an expected delivery, you must have a better idea than that. I appreciate the constraints but equally I have paid you £400 and I have no idea when to expect the product.

Second of all, it has now gone back a further month, and I was not notified of this via email. I only discovered it because I logged on. Since I ordered my fairphone I have received two emails from you - one called ‘Buy the Faiphone 2’, and another ‘top 5 reasons you should get a Fairphone 2’. I’ve got one! please deliver it to me and if the delivery date changes then you must inform me, and give me a date!!

I wish to support you - enterprises like this should be the future, but with such basic failings in service delivery then it is a very hard sell. Many of my friends are interested in buying a faiphone in the future but when they hear I parted with £400 at the start of February, and may not receive my phone until 12 weeks later (but who knows, you haven’t told me…), it is unlikely to persuade them.

Would be interested in hearing your comments on all of the above. and please give me a more precise estimate than ‘April’. Is there a problem or did you always expect it to take 12 weeks to deliver my phone after taking payment? If so, is this in any T&Cs I agreed to because I would have liked to have known.

Many thanks,


p.s. the only reason I am posting on here is because the webform for your support team is terrible! the text is grey so barely legible against the white background and it asked me to enter a number, I tried the delivery number and order number but it wouldn’t accept either.

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