Shipping problems are up?

Hi all!
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I have ordered one Fairphone2 the 27/10/2016; I was told from the customer service that one month was the estimated delivery time and also I was able to see March as estimated delivery date, on my order summary, so was all fine (assuming the delivery to happen at the beginning of March, it would make one month shipping time).

I have also called the customer support today and it was confirmed any day of March as possible shipping day, for orders done on January.

I have checked the order summary few minutes ago and suddenly the estimated delivery date says April.
This is a screenshot:

There is any way to get more info about the real estimate delivery time? I am buying the FF2 to replace my principal phone that sadly got broken, so it is an important info.

Thank you,

I think currently one of the best ways to follow progress on shipping is here:

If I’m not mistaken, at the moment early January orders are getting shipped.

Thanks a lot, very helpful! :slight_smile: