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Ciao a tutti,
sono una ragazza italiana, e mi piacerebbe comprare un Fairphone. Volevo avere più informazioni soprattutto riguardo al’assistenza (è affidabile? I tempi di risposta sono abbastanza brevi?) e ai metodi di pagamento: si può ad esempio pagare a rate? In generale come smartphone funziona bene? Ho letto sul sito che la batteria potrebbe funzionare male dopo circa un anno dall’acquisto; qualcuno di voi ha già dovuto sostituirla e, se sì, sono stati necessari tempi lunghi?
Grazie in anticipo! :slight_smile:

Ciao Sofia,

I’m going to respond in English, as my Italian is very bad, but there are many Italian-speakers on the forum, so surely someone can translate or even give you a better answer.

Do you want to get a FP2? Or a second hand FP1?

If you are asking about response time of the official support: They are quite overloaded at the moment, but are looking to hire some new staff members.

As far as I know payment in rates is not possible yet.

This is true for some FP1 batteries that bloated. For FP2 we don’t know yet as it’s younger than 1 year.
You will however have 1 year guarantee on your battery so you get a new one for free if it bloats.

thank you very much @paulakreuzer ! Do you think it’s worth buying a second hand Fairphone FP1? how much does it cost approximately? Another thing I wanted to make sure is that it is possible to download all google apps suche as Gmail, or others such as Whatsapp, without big issues. And finally, how much memory does the Fairphone? Is it possible to insert an SD card? If I order a Faifphone now, will it be delivered around march or later?

I have an FP1 and am still very happy with it. GPS is not the best and as mentioned the battery is a bit prone to failure (I got mine replaced for free already), but all in all it’s a solid phone.

You best ask in this thread to get a response from a potential seller.

On FP2 Google Apps & Services are pre-installed and you can download Whatsapp and all those fancy apps from the Google Play Store. On FP1 there is a Google Apps Installer that works pretty well for most people but some had troubles reinstalling google after software updates.

You can find all that info on the Homepage. Here are the full specs of FP2. According to the shop if you order now phones will be delivered in march, but you can also follow this thread for more info.

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thank you so very much @paulakreuzer !