Sailfish OS beta5 release

Sailfish OS beta5 release is now ready. Installation and update instructions can be found at Adaptations/libhybris/Install SailfishOS for fp2 - Mer Wiki. Highlights of the new release:

  • Updated to Sailfish OS
  • Based on Android 6 (18.04 release)
  • Enabled on-demand proximity sensor support which makes using firmware from 18.04 possible
    • This fixes the battery drain issue which made using old modem partition necessary
  • Fixed browser crash when seeking Youtube videos
  • Fixed distortion of some Youtube videos in browser

Important notes for updating from earlier Sailfish OS releases! Because of enabling on-demand proximity sensor support in this release all users can now flash the modem partition from Fairphone Open OS 18.04 release using fastboot. Please check wiki for detailed instructions.

Important notes for updating from Sailfish OS releases before (alpha5)! Please be very careful when during update about flashing the Android system.img. During update process Android system.img needs to be flashed right after updating Sailfish OS and shutting down the device. Do not flash system.img before Sailfish OS update.

Known issues:

  • Camera configuration detection for secondary (front) camera sometimes fails (only during camera module change, update or installation)
    • To solve the issue remove /etc/droid-cameradetect-module-main.conf and /etc/droid-cameradetect-module-front.conf and run “systemctl restart droid-cameradetect”
    • Repeat the previous instruction until both cameras work (configuration is at /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt and the validity of resolutions for secondary camera can be checked also manually)

Thank you very much for your continued work on your port!

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By the way: did you make any progress in integrating Anbox? Or did you give it up, which would be very much understandable?


Thanks for the update @mal. I actually skipped beta4, and the update was as smooth as it could be. After a few days of usage everything i use seems to work perfectly.


I’m very happy with the update. Does the update affect the way the sd card is accessed? (Like kernel upgrade, firmware upgrade for the device that handles the sdcard) It seems way more stable now.
With previous releases the media player frequently crashed because the sdcard (which contains all my music) became unaccessable, with kernel errors and filesystem corruptions as a result. Since the upgrade this doesn’t happen any more.

@mal i know you are busy with other things, but did you plan to build for fp2?

many thanks


I have already been using for some time now myself and haven’t noticed much issues, there was one quite difficult issue I had to fix but i got it figured out. I’ll still try to fix the random camera issue after update. I have already done the changes for that but need to test those some more before release then push those to public. Hopefully there won’t be any unexpected issues and I’ll manage to make a new release this week.


New release available at Sailfish OS beta6 release


Sorry for the delayed answer, I haven’t done Anbox development recently. Partially because I work for Jolla now and it would be a bit of a conflict of interest to develop an alternative to the official Android support.


I’m not aware of any changes to SD card handling but it’s possible something related to that could have changed. Good to hear it works better now. For future reference please report any issues like you had with SD card, it’s difficult to fix issues if I don’t know they exist.

Congratulations ! :slight_smile:


I understand you need reports to fix a problem. In this case i’ve searched the forums here and found a lot of sd-card related issues across all OS’s, so my conclusion was that it’s more of a hardware thing and learned to live with it.

Thanks for the heads-up, i’ll report other issues when i find them.

Does that mean that there’s a chance of an official Sailfish release for FP2 with support for Android apps/Alien Dalvik down the road?


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