Sailfish OS beta9 release

Sailfish OS beta9 release is now ready. Installation and update instructions can be found at Adaptations/libhybris/Install SailfishOS for fp2 - Mer Wiki. Highlights of the new release:

  • Updated to Sailfish OS
  • Based on Android 6 (18.04 release)

Note: No installation zip available now because of issues in the 3rd party server I have used for hosting the images. If anyone needs an image send me a private message and I can provide a temporary link to the image.

Important notes for updating from old Sailfish OS releases ( beta4 or older)! Because of enabling on-demand proximity sensor support all users can now flash the modem partition from Fairphone Open OS 18.04 release using fastboot. Please check wiki for detailed instructions.

Important notes for updating from Sailfish OS releases before (alpha5)! Please be very careful when during update about flashing the Android system.img. During update process Android system.img needs to be flashed right after updating Sailfish OS and shutting down the device. Do not flash system.img before Sailfish OS update.

Known issues:

  • If anyone still notices the previous issue that updating camera configuration fails during camera module change, update or installation please report it to me and use the fix mentioned in earlier release notes (Sailfish OS beta5 release)

Update works fine - as expected. Thank you mal :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mal

Could I get a link to the latest Sailfish image please?



Welcome to the community forum.

I moved your post here.
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I’d like to say a huge thank you to @mal for porting Sailfish to the FP2 and keeping it updated. I’ve used Sailfish-on-FP2 as my only phone for a couple of years now and over that time the experience has continually improved. I really should have expressed my appreciation before.

Unfortunately my FP2 has developed a persistent hardware fault and I’ve made the difficult decision to stick with Fairphone rather than Sailfish, but if there’s ever a Sailfish port for the FP3 I expect I’ll be right back.


Hello @mal, any plan to build (with home partition encryption) for fp2?
many thanks

Hi @gabs. I have been running on my device for more than a week now and it’s working well except for broken camera viewfinder after some updates to the camera handling in adaptation packages. I haven’t been able to fix the issue yet, it’s most likely some color conversion or format mismatch issue which is a bit complicated to debug. Hopefully I will be able to fix it soon.

Unfortunately home encryption won’t be possible in Fairphone 2 Sailfish OS port because community ports done have separate home partition and the Sailfish root is in the same partition.


Successfully updated from beta8 to beta9 :slight_smile: Thank you mal!

| Sailfish OS (Nuuksio)

@mal you are right. I did not consider the partition table of the community ports :nerd_face:.

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Hi all, I have finally figured out the fixes needed for the remaining issues of Sailfish OS on FP2. I will do a bit more testing and hopefully will release the new version within the next few days. Sorry for the delay.


New version now available at Sailfish OS release1 for Fairphone 2


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