Sailfish OS release1 for Fairphone 2

Sailfish OS release1 is now ready. Installation and update instructions can be found at https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/Install_SailfishOS_for_fp2. Highlights of the new release:

  • Updated to Sailfish OS
  • Based on Android 6 (18.04 release)
  • Enable tracking emergency numbers provided by network
  • Some performance improvements to video decoding

Note: No installation zip available now because of issues in the 3rd party server I have used for hosting the images. If anyone needs an image send me a private message and I can provide a temporary link to the image.

Important notes for updating from old Sailfish OS releases ( beta4 or older)! Because of enabling on-demand proximity sensor support all users can now flash the modem partition from Fairphone Open OS 18.04 release using fastboot. Please check wiki for detailed instructions.

Important notes for updating from Sailfish OS releases before (alpha5)! Please be very careful when during update about flashing the Android system.img. During update process Android system.img needs to be flashed right after updating Sailfish OS and shutting down the device. Do not flash system.img before Sailfish OS update.

Known issues:

  • If anyone still notices the previous issue that updating camera configuration fails during camera module change, update or installation please report it to me and use the fix mentioned in earlier release notes (Sailfish OS beta5 release)

After updating from on my FP2 for the first time in a while when device is switched off irrespective of whether “flashlight” is on it now “reboots”.

I noticed random reboots when trying to turn off device, but it didn’t happen always, I couldn’t see any crashes or related things in logs so not sure how to debug the issue. The issue should not be related to the old similar problem seen long time ago.


Just upgrading to 3.3 on FP2. Thanks and congrats mal! :clap: :muscle:

Btw. concerning the power-off/reboot discovery: I observed a similar behaivour on 3.2 (rebooted once before upgrade because I had issues connecting via ssh). While actually I powered off the device, it rebooted. There is a good chance this is at least not introduced by 3.3. Looks like occasionally some service breaks during shutdown where prbly a systemd (or custom?) watchdog jumps in and triggers a reboot. This would at least explain such behaviour.


@mal, is working fine (i also have some reboots :nerd_face:).
Next version have some fixes and enhancements for nextcloud :smiley:, i don’t want to push you, :wink: but do you build the next version soon?

Many thanks for your long-lasting support :clap:.

Btw.: Do you have plans for the fairphone 3?
And do you need any support (e.g. a fp3)?
If so, i gladly support you :smiley:.

Hi, I have been using Sailfish OS on my personal device for some time now and it has been working well. I will release a new version after the build target becomes available on the community build system (there has been some issues getting it there but hopefully soon).

About Fairphone 3: I have almost fully working build of that ready. My older 32-bit arm based build worked with only one display related hack on the build but on my new aarch64 based build there are still issues with camera which I will try to fix soon. I also need to fix the real issue which requires the graphics hack. Also some small issues with fingerprint support but those I can hack around if I can’t fix those properly soon.


@mal, many thanks for this excellent information :smiley:.
The both FP2 and the jolla1 phone my family use are working fine at the moment, but all of them are five years or older, so may be a replacement is required sooner or later and it would be fine if this could be a fp3 with SailfishOS :nerd_face:.


I managed to get camera partially working (picture mode only) on FP3 and also fixed hardware video decoding. I still need to fix video recording and get rid of the graphics hack.


Do you know any plan about upgrading the browser? That’s what blocks me to use Sailfish at the moment.

Sailfish OS 3.4.0 already has a bit newer gecko browser engine and the Sailfish OS version after that is also going to have a newer gecko engine. The updating of the engine happens in steps to make it easier.


I might b stupid but I don’t check how to get an image of Jolla Sailfish for the Fairphone 2. It seems to be difficult to get it on purpose?

please keep me updated on that forum when this happens :wink:

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@mal i see on the testing tree that you released the latest version - many thanks.
Sadly on the update i made a mistake and now my fp2 is dead :pensive:. I think was my fault - i skiped two previous versions … now on boot i got a black screen.
I can boot to recovery mode, but telnet returned ‘connection refused’, so i’m not able to repair the SailfishOS on phone :thinking:.

Do you have build an image (e.g. .zip) file for the new version for a ‘TWRP’ installation? So i can install it without the whole upgrade path from some old 2.x.x.x version?
Many thanks :smiley:

EDIT: I can use ssh to connect via USB on my FP2. On the journalctl i see that there is a problem starting lipstick and some other features. Is it possible to start the WLan on command line? I hope that i can reinstall some packages then …

@gabs I hadn’t yet verified the updating to new release properly and hadn’t officially released the new version because of that. Maybe you could check that patterns-sailfish-device-adaptation-fp2-sibon, patterns-sailfish-device-configuration-common-fp2-sibon and patterns-sailfish-device-configuration-fp2-sibon are installed on the device. Those could in theory cause issues because that was the part I was about to verify.

@mal after installing some pkgs manually the phone is back to live :sweat_smile: and i can finish the update successful. On my second phone the update went smooth :smiley:.
I think my problem on the first phone was, that i skip some versions - i made an update from direct to :thinking:. On the second phone i update from to

The only problem i have, that poweroff did not work on both phones. On Jolla phone and Tablet and on Gemini PDA the poweroff work without any problem. On the FP2s the phone always reboots regardless if i press the power button, or i shutdown on command line (shutdown, systemctl, … do you have any hint how to correct this problem? Open the phone and pull out the battery every time is not very comfortable :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

@gabs I think the reason why the second device updated without issues was that I found and fixed a problem related to those packages yesterday.

I will have a look at the poweroff issue but as a workaround you can force poweroff by pressing power and volume up buttons for 10 seconds until it vibrates 2 or 3 times. I would do that while it restarts after trying to shutdown the device so the full system is not running at that time.

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Try to turn on the Torchlight before turning off the phone :wink:
This was a known bug on LineageOS and /e/ for a long time. It is fixed since the 19.02.1 releases of Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open, according to the bugtracker :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just read the first two messages of this post where it is said that this bug is unrelated to the Torchlight old one… :frowning:

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@oli.sax The thing is that I know of that fix and I added it to my kernel already about 2 years ago. Unless I messed up something during my rebuild and lost it, I will check my kernel sources for that again and try to debug why shutdown is not working.


@oli.sax and @mal the trick with the Torchlight is working on SailfishOS also :wink:. Many thanks.

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Thanks as always @mal. 2020 was crazy so I am only now getting to update my FP2 from Sailfish (so beta4 I assume) to
I followed the OTA inststructions without flashing the modem partiotion first (as it clearly says I can do so, not I should or must and I figured it was safer to first update the OS to a version that can handle the new firmware than the other way around).

ssu lr gave me the following:

WARNING: ssu.ini does not seem to be writable. Setting values might not work.
Enabled repositories (global):
 - adaptation-community        ... http://repo.merproject.org/obs/nemo:/testing:/hw:/fairphone:/fp2-sibon/sailfishos_3.3.0.16/
 - adaptation-community-common ... http://repo.merproject.org/obs/nemo:/testing:/hw:/common/sailfishos_3.3.0.16/
 - apps                        ... https://releases.jolla.com/jolla-apps/
 - hotfixes                    ... https://releases.jolla.com/releases/
 - jolla                       ... https://releases.jolla.com/releases/

Enabled repositories (user):
 - store ... https://store-repository.jolla.com/fp2-sibon/armv7hl/?version=

Disabled repositories (global, might be overridden by user config):

Disabled repositories (user):
 - home ... https://download.jollamobile.com/home:/honeybadger/latest_armv7hl/

Ignoring the warning, I followed up with the devel-su zypper commands that seemed to finish just fine.
However, version --dup keeps failing on me with the following error:

Error: nothing provides patterns-sailfish-device-configuration-fp2-sibon needed by pattern:jolla-configuration-fp2-sibon-0.0.68-1.69.1.jolla.noarch

I tried twice, each time all nine re-attempts fail with the above message and ultimately I am now left with

The upgrade could NOT be finished. Make sure you have
a working Internet Connection and SSU is propertly set up. In
case the repos are changing rapidly (e.g. during development),
just restarting the upgrade might fix the issue.


At this stage I am not sure how to best proceed.
I have the phone attached to a charger now to make sure it won’t run out of power but eventually I’d like to get it to a stable working state. :wink:

Any clues on what I could try?

Thanks in advance!