Sailfish OS release4 for Fairphone 2

Sailfish OS release4 is now ready. Installation and update instructions can be found at Adaptations/libhybris/Install SailfishOS for fp2 - Mer Wiki.
Note that updating to this release is required before updating to the next release. If you are updating from a release older than read the instructions carefully to see which intermediate updates are needed. Latest image can be found here. Highlights of the new release:

  • Updated to Sailfish OS
  • Based on Android 6 (18.04 release)

Sorry for the delay with the release. I will try to get next release done much faster. I will start testing probably in the next couple of days.

IMPORTANT When updating from releases older than Sailfish OS be very careful to update first to following the instructions at Sailfish OS release2 for Fairphone 2.

Known issues:

  • If anyone still notices the previous issue that updating camera configuration fails during camera module change, update or installation please report it to me and use the fix mentioned in earlier release notes (Sailfish OS beta5 release)

Thx @mal: As always, everything appears to be working like a charm. :heart:

Hi @mal, thanks for your continued engagement!
Unfortunately I no longer have a Fairphone 2. I think I remember that you wrote somewhere that you were working on SFOS for FP3 or FP4. Is this true? I can’t find it with the forum search, so maybe I’m remembering wrong…


How can I be so bad a searching the forum?
Thank you.


Hi, I already started testing Sailfish OS 4.4.0 release on FP2 and so far it seems to work without issues. I will next try to update kernel before releasing it.

I noticed that bluetooth might be broken the release, not sure how I missed that during my testing. Can anyone verify that? If so I will revert one package to older version.

I now fixed bluetooth in release. Anyone who needs bluetooth should run version --dup to get the fixed packages.


Many thanks, 38 packages installed.

Great job, as usual.
Thank you @mal ! :grinning:

I flashed an old Fairphone 2, yesterday, but I can’t use bluetooth; it does not start when trying to tab the Icon, and it does not find anything when I try to start it from the settings. Any ideas how to solve that?

@Heinrich_Schwieterin try running “version --dup” using devel-su (set password in developer mode settings).

Thanks for your hint, but the result was

NO UPDATES FOUND. Try again later

A restart didn’t change that. A small light keeps flashing in the bluetooth setting page, but nothing else happens, as before.

Can you check version of the droid-hal-fp2-sibon package you have using “pkcon search droid-hal-fp2-sibon”?


The first one is
droid-hal-fp2-sibon-0.0.6-202203211306.armv7hl (installed)

The terminal tells me available would be version
droid-hal-fp2-sibon-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community),

along with a whole lot other droid-hal-fp2-sibon-packages, all with the same numbers as the first, respectively the adaptation-community packages, this is the whole list; I managed to use ssh to use the terminal on my ubuntu machine:

pkcon search droid-hal-fp2-sibon
Suche nach Details                                                              
Software-Liste wird aktualisiert                                                
Installiert 	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-0.0.6-202203211306.armv7hl (installed)  	Droid HAL package for fp2-sibon
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Droid HAL package for fp2-sibon
Installiert 	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-detritus-0.0.6-202203211306.armv7hl (installed)	Straggler files for FP2 hw
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-detritus-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Straggler files for FP2 hw
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-devel-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Development files for droid-hal device: fp2-sibon
Installiert 	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-img-boot-0.0.6-202203211306.armv7hl (installed)	Boot img for droid-hal device: fp2-sibon
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-img-boot-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Boot img for droid-hal device: fp2-sibon
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-img-recovery-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Recovery image for droid-hal device: fp2-sibon
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-kernel-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Kernel for droid-hal device: fp2-sibon
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-kernel-dtbo-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Placeholder for FP2 flashable dtbo if applicable
Installiert 	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-kernel-modules-0.0.6-202203211306.armv7hl (installed)	Kernel modules for droid-hal device: fp2-sibon
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-kernel-modules-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Kernel modules for droid-hal device: fp2-sibon
Installiert 	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-tools-0.0.6-202203211306.armv7hl (installed)Some tools from android specific for FP2
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-tools-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Some tools from android specific for FP2
Installiert 	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-users-0.0.6-202203211306.armv7hl (installed)Create users and groups for device: fp2-sibon
VerfĂĽgbar  	droid-hal-fp2-sibon-users-0.0.6-202111072204.armv7hl (adaptation-community)	Create users and groups for device: fp2-sibon

Is there a way to install the older packages? Would it help to do so?

Yes, assuming you have zypper installed (if not then first run pkcon install zypper) you need to run using devel-su “zypper ref” and then “zypper dup --from adaptation-community” or just “zypper dup”

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Thanks, that did it! zypper was installed, I had to use devel-su for the zypper commands. After a reboot I was able to use bluetooth with my creativ lab speakers; tomorrow I’ll check it it works in my car , too.

Thank you very much! :+1:

I was able to connect the Phone via bluetooth with my Renault ZOE , too. The media system shows the phone. But it shows a “Mer Boot Loader” as well; and recognizes that as containing an Android Auto installation… Rather strange. :thinking:

Another funny thing: When using the Unplayer app the media system plays the music stored on a SD Card in the phone, but shows wrong title and artist in the car display… When using media app which came along with the installation (as far as I remember) I can play the music, too, but get no information about the music at all. I’ll try with other music apps as well, perhaps one of those is working properly.

New release at Sailfish OS release5 for Fairphone 2. Sorry for the delay with the release.



An attempted update of the old version ( ended up in an unusable phone, it became incredible slow, and kept crashing ever so often. So I made complete new install.

I don’t know why, but my recent backup vanished in that process, only an old backup survived. So be warned, and be sure to keep a copy of the backup in a safe place, and not only on a sd card within the phone.

Otherwise it is working OK, except for recurrent restarts when I read the first emails after using the flight mode. Perhaps a fairphone2 issue, though.

I read something about a version, is there an update available?

Thanks for your efforts! :+1:

Latest version I know about is (release 5)…

Of course mal could always have something newer in the pipeline :smiley: