Sailfish OS release5 for Fairphone 2

Sailfish OS release5 is now ready. Installation and update instructions can be found at Adaptations/libhybris/Install SailfishOS for fp2 - Mer Wiki (use version instead of the version mentioned in the instructions).
Note that updating to this release is required before updating to the next release. If you are updating from a release older than read the instructions carefully to see which intermediate updates are needed. Latest image can be found here. Highlights of the new release:

  • Updated to Sailfish OS
  • Based on Android 6 (18.04 release)
  • Camera configuration files are no longer used, please report any issues with cameras

Sorry again for the delay with the release.

IMPORTANT When updating from releases older than Sailfish OS be very careful to update first to following the instructions at

Known issues:

  • Camera configuration files are no longer used. If you encounter any issues with camera please report them.

Hi mal, what is the status on SFOS on FP3/FP4?

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May I dream?
mal ports it to the FP4 including Waydroid (the Android thing from Jolla is proprietary, right?) and releases it next month.

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Great job, as usual ! :smile:

Thx @mal. Update went through smoothly as usual. Will report back in case I encounter any problems.

How well does SFOS actually work on the FP2?
I have a Jolla 1 at home (what a beautiful phone!), and it’s basically unusable. It’s excruciatingly slow and many websites don’t even work.

Can SFOS be used smoothly on the FP2?

I have been using FP2 as my main phone for years now and I have been happy with it. Maybe some others here can provide less biased opinions how well it works.


I use it as my only phone and I am happy with it. Performance is low, some website cause issues but overall I get done what I need to. Keeping it up-to-date once @mal provides an update seems crucial though, so you’d definitely sign up for a quite a bus factor.

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Thank you both.

I like SFOS the best of all operating systems I tried so far, it always feels like “home”. But I need to be able to buy tickets via Deutsche Bahn and the like.

And as I see it, SFOS is not in the pipeline for FP3 or even FP4…

But sorry, this is getting off topic, I’ll leave here now :wink:

I did just start building the FP3 again and will also try FP4 porting hopefully soon (so far I have only used Sailfish OS on FP4 for mainline kernel testing).


So there is hope :slight_smile:
Cool, I’ll follow this closely :slight_smile:

I have been able to buy DB tickets from my FP2 via SFOS most of the time since I got it. The main issue seems to be that the SFOS browser is usually quite outdated and not considered by big tech, so you’ll have solve Google’s Captchas when logging in to prove you’re not a robot for not using Chrome and might run into a ‘Too many requests’ error when Cloudflares DDOS-protection agressively filters uncommon browsers. This has happend to me even from my desktop Linux computer though using ‘niche’ browser like qutebrowser and is neither specific to the FP2 nor to SFOS.


There is now Sailfish OS available in the repos, please update to it. Main improvements in it are some browser related fixes and OAuth2 support for Microsoft Exchange accounts which is now required if you need such accounts, more information at [Release notes] Vanha Rauma - Announcements - Sailfish OS Forum. I will update the release image soon.


Hi mal,

does Waydroid ( work on the FP2? Or is it too old/doesn’t meet the requirements?

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I read on the SailfishOS website that with Sailfish 4 they support Android apps targeting up to version 10. On paper this is huge!

Can anyone confirm that this works with Fairphone 2 as well?

Android App Support is only available for officially supported devices with a purchased license.

Thanks! Seems like it is possible with some tinkering: WayDroid on SFOS? - General - Sailfish OS Forum

Will try that and report back.


Thanks for the update(s) again @mal !

I’m still struggling with a battery that’s dead within 24 hours, recently i was testing with the connmanctl command and found that the command conmanctl technologies lists my GPS as “Powered = True”, even when “Location” in the GUI is switched off and no app is using GPS.
If this statement from connmanctl is true that could explain why my battery drains and we can’t find anything on the software side. Is it normal for connmanctl to report the GPS as powered? And if not, how do i change it?

@juri.gagarin.ii apart from the battery drain issue i’m having (which seems to be specific to my device) SFOS is my favorite mobile os. There is no Apple/Google spyware to worry about and is does everything i need :slight_smile:

The link doesn’t load, I always get timeouts. Has it moved?

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I can confirm that does not load and I could not find any information on the wiki being moved to another service/URL.