Sailfish OS release5 for Fairphone 2

In pinged the maintainer of that wiki, waiting for answer about the situation.


There is a copy of the instructions from May 2022 (I think) at
I just assumed that things would not have changed so much since that time and proceeded and ended with a working device.

Thanks a lot for your efforts!


Only relevant change since that version in archive is the new release which is, otherwise instructions are the same. The installation zip is in the same folder as the previous one linked in there.


I experience a rather high battery drain. OK, the battery is old so a short life is expected, but I also see that there is constantly a high load on the processor (I don’t see it with ‘top’ but in SystemDataScope. It seems that it doesn’t depend on WiFi or mobile data, as this also occurs in flight mode. Flight mode yields about 18h of idle battery life. I also removed the SD card, but that didn’t resolve the situation. I also re-flashed the phone, but that didn’t help.

Firstly I thought that this might be just normal behavior, but then to my surprise I had a time span without this high load and a much lower battery drain. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the circumstances that lead to this situation which is a pity because reproducing it might make the phone last for one day or more…

Is there something that is known to cause high CPU load and reduce battery life which I didn’t think of?

EDIT: maybe it’s not a high load but a lack of sleep? I admit that I have difficulties interpreting the diagram of SystemDataScope

I’m not aware of any specific conditions when such issues would happen but if the device is not suspending that would cause a lot of power drain. If you happen to see such in the future please provide logs, at least “journalctl -b --no-pager” output and output of dmesg. Hopefully those will tell why it’s not suspending.

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Thanks for the reply. At the moment it is behaving more than well - I put it to flight mode yesterday evening at about 90%, and some hours ago I switched on Cellular data. Now I am at 73%.
I will try to gather the information when it starts eating battery again.

In my experience, if a service disappears without a warning an stays dead for a week without any response by the maintainer, it is very likely to stay abondoned. @mal: Have you thought about alternative places where to host the installation instructions? If you’d explicitely license them under a license that allow so (e.g the FDL), the community could also mirror them to avoid the dependence on a single (hosting) service.

That wiki where the instructions are has been mostly just kept alive and not really maintained more than that and it is going away anyway at some point. I have been thinking about alternative places and one of course would be to have the instructions on the server where I host the images.

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Ahoy, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

In the SFOS forum someone asked if a port for the FP4 based on LOS or CalyxOS would be possible but expressed doubts if the Android base might be too new.
Is a port in the works from your side? It would be a pity if work was done twice. (The question is of course not exclusively altruistic, as I would also be very happy about a port :wink: )

I have done some parts for support of Lineage OS 19.1 (Android 12) based ports but it’s not ready yet.


What you describe sounds a lot like the issues i’m experiencing with SailfishOS on my FP2. At some point (in my case a few years ago) my battery life changed from something like 4 days to just over 24 hours with a mostly idle phone and with similar symptoms as yours. I’ve also tried to run without SIM’s or without an SD Card but didn’t help. @mal and i have spend quite some time troubleshooting but so far we haven’t been able to pinpoint the source of the problem.
Maybe having two phones with the same issue could lead to more information to troubleshoot?

I started testing Sailfish OS 4.5.0 on my device and so far looks like everything is working well. I will continue testing and hopefully release as soon as 4.5.0 is officially released to everyone.


I’m not asking for an ETA, and I suspect you have a lot going on right now anyway due to the release of SFOS 4.5, but I’m in the decision phase for a new smartphone right now. So I wanted to ask politely if you have made any progress with FP4 and if a release of a port is expected in the foreseeable future. FP4+SFOS(+waydroid) would be my dream combination :wink:

@mal Mmmh… obviously the wiki containing the FP2 update instructions still is down. :frowning:

You can use Adaptations/libhybris/Install SailfishOS for fp2 - Mer Wiki just use release as version. I will move the instructions to another location.


For FP4 I need to add a new Android base version support (for Android 13). I have adapted the patches and made test build and done parts of the other adaptation changes, but still some parts which I haven’t built might need changes and of course quite likely some issues booting it for the first time because of the new Android base version which always needs some tinkering to get it working. Quite difficult to say how easily everything goes or if there will be some complicated issues.


Thanks for the insights into the port’s development status. I have now taken home that it will take at least some more time and that it is not yet completely clear whether it is even possible.

Thanks in any case for your work!

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Current FP4 port status is that UI starts. Other things working so far are gps, nfc, fingerprint, sensors, bluetooth and modem (partially) so features still broken are audio, vibrator, mobile data, camera and wlan.


The update to (on three FP2 phones) works as ever without any problem :smiley:.
Many thank to you @mal for your enduring support for the FP2 :muscle:.
I hope to see SailfishOS on FP3 (and FP4?) before me FP2 hardware have a break down :sweat_smile:.
At the moment i did also not have any problems during daily usage (better as on Jolla ‘official’ supported Gemini PDA :thinking:).


If you have a beta release ready at some point, I’m happy to offer myself as a beta tester if you need someone :wink:

I really don’t want to use Android anymore…