Sailfish OS release5 for Fairphone 2

I really need to get audio working before making the first alpha release of FP4 port because a phone without audio is not really good for anything. Currently audio is the only main issue remaining, in addition to video recording which is also broken because of missing audio (I managed to fix wlan, vibrator and image mode in camera).


I managed to get also audio working on FP4, video recording still fails though but since other things seem to work I probably should try to cleanup everything and try to make a working image. There are still couple of smaller issues which should not be too difficult to fix, hopefully.


Time to update !

@mal This is getting interesting. Good work.

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That’s awesome! I’m dying to try it out :slight_smile:

Two things would interest me: did you build with support for waydroid? And: are all cameras functional?

I haven’t looked into what waydroid needs so that still needs checking. All three cameras work in image mode but video recording is still broken.


I am already full of anticipation!


I really appreciate what you are doing for the community!
Did you manage to overcome the issue with video recording?

I haven’t been able to fix video recording yet. I also found an issue with audio routing during calls which is currently blocking any release. Also mobile data is still not working.


Thanks for the update!


Where can I find the update to for fairphone 2? Index of /images/fp2/ has as latest version.

It seams that @mal did not build a installation image but here Index of /obs/nemo:/testing:/hw:/fairphone:/fp2-sibon you see the latest version (this is since yesterday :wink: ).
So an update could be done from a previous version.


Sorry about the missing installation image. I’ll try to get it built and tested as soon as possible.


Hello @mal, eventuelly also for fp3 and/or fp4 :star_struck:?
many thanks Gabs

I now uploaded the installation image for new Sailfish OS release and made a new topic for it Sailfish OS release6 for Fairphone 2. I hope to get FP3 and FP4 releases also done. I still have issues with the FP4 port.


So not yet a state where adventurous beta testers would be a help?

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Sorry for the delayed answer, I haven’t had enough time to figure out the blocking issues yet.


I know the question is actually inconveniently placed in this thread, but did the competing FP4 port help solve the call audio-issue?

@mal: I noticed a repo for SFOS popping up last week. Is this ready for use/testing or should I be more patient? :wink:

Thank you for you ongoing work! :heart:

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Hi, I have been using from devel repos (testing repo has same package versions) on my main device for about 2 weeks without any issues. I just forgot to build new image for it and release it.


I’ll give it a shot and attempt an OTA update tomorrow then. I’ll report back if I run into any issues. Thank you!