Sailfish OS release6 for Fairphone 2

Sailfish OS release6 is now ready. Installation and update instructions can be found at Adaptations/libhybris/Install SailfishOS for fp2 - Mer Wiki.
Note that updating to this release is required before updating to the next release. If you are updating from a release older than read the instructions carefully to see which intermediate updates are needed. Latest image (and also changelog with instructions) can be found here. Highlights of the new release:

  • Updated to Sailfish OS
  • Based on Android 6 (18.04 release)

Sorry again for the delay with the release.

IMPORTANT When updating from releases older than Sailfish OS be very careful to update first to following the instructions at

Known issues:

  • Camera configuration files are no longer used. If you encounter any issues with camera please report them.

Upgraded about an hour ago. So far no camera issues - front, back and video recording all is fine.

Btw. regarding “devel-su version --dup”:
The instructions state to run “devel-su ssu release …” instead of the usual “ssu release …” when upgrading from 3 to 4 (I had this situation). IIRC this involved copying some config file manually. Do you think it is worth checking for future releases?

Thanks for the good work as always! :+1:

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I added the missing devel-su to the instructions.