Sailfish OS release5 for Fairphone 2

Any news regarding SFOS for the FP4?

Otherwise I’ll take my old FP2 out of the drawer and see how far it gets me with SFOS, Android s****s.


The update went well. I had to disable the ‘store’ repository though since zypper ref failes with

Repository 'store' is invalid.
[store|plugin:ssu?repo=store] Valid metadata not found at specified URL
 - Unknown error reading from 'plugin:ssu?repo=store'
 - Store credentials not received. Not connected to D-Bus server

Please check if the URIs defined for this repository are pointing to a valid repository.
Skipping repository 'store' because of the above error.
Some of the repositories have not been refreshed because of an error.

I had some issues with the store before though, so this is likely a problem on my end. Any pointers on how to fix that would be appreciated but for now, an up-to-date OS with app updates via Storeman/chum is better than an outdated OS either way. :wink:

Maybe that was some random issue? I haven’t had any issues with store

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