Sailfish OS release2 for Fairphone 2

Hmm, at TWRP it first said cannot mount ‘/data’ (Invalid argument) but then I selected as much folders as possible and then I could install FOOS 18.04 and Sailfish OS 4.10.24 (but I am still working on choosing German as my language… :slight_smile: )

Should work ;-). Take a look to section system on tab system at settings …

Thanks, I’ve found it and all runs well!

By the way: somebody told me that there is also a way to implement Android apps on this OS. Is there an extra store for it?

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Aliendalvik is a 3rd party plugin that jolla licensed for there releases and is not available for community ports.
You can search the jolla store for native apps or install storeman (take a look here) for access to the openrepos repository.
Before installing apps read the description and look whether the app is maintained or out off support - some apps has its latest updated 2015 :thinking:.

I see - schade, dommage! Because there are some apps I definitely need. You can do a lot of things with an internet browser and via email but not everything. For instance there is no other way to use Threema than with an app. And there is no app for this in the Jolla store.

Therefore Jolla Sailfish cannot be my everyday OS on Fairphone (neither does ubuntu touch for the same reasons). I will continue with /e/OS, quite a good alternative (although with some annoyances, too).

Have a good time everybody.

Some years ago, mal tried to port anbox for Sailfish, but is not working on it anymore…

Issues came from old 3.4 kernel and from anbox <=> wayland backend compatibility, as far as I remember :wink:


Thanks @mal. The update(s) went smoothly and 4.1.024 is running just fine so far. :tada:


Don’t forget OpenRepos. There is no shortage of messanging apps for SFOS. Also, Threema is AGPL software AFAIK. So porting it should be possible. If the company refuses to allow 3rd party apps to interact with centralized servers under their control, that would be a great reason to stop supporting them and switching to another end-to-end encrypted messenger. Personally, I am using neither but see no disadvantage of e.g. Matrix over Threema and there is a client readily available.

IMHO, just the UX improvements of SFOS over Android (and thus /e/OS) easily outweigh the inconvenience of switching an app or two one got used to (or as you put it: ‘needs’).

Either way, enjoy you alternative OS experience (it is all about choice in the end) and have a great one!

Honestly, I don’t understand a lot of your message - there are too many abbreviations not familar to me, sorry.

I don’t have the time to “bastel” as I would call it in German, either the things I need are available, or then I let it be. Dixi.

Sorry for abbreviating so much:

  • SFOS → Sailfish OS
  • AGPL → Affero GNU (sorry for eplaining an acronym with another one, but there is no other way since GNU literally is short for ‘GNU’s not UNIX’) public license; a free and open source (FOSS) software license that the Threema source code is released under.
  • AFAIK → as far as I know
  • IMHO → in my humble opinion
  • UX → user experience
  • OS → operating system

Regarding the non-‘bastel’ solution, my suggestion was to look into Matrix as an altenative to Threema. While not available in the Jolla store, you can easily install the Storeman app to install Sailtrix from OpenRepos. If you find you really need Threema, I’d be curious what it offers that Matrix fails to provide

But like I said: I just wanted to suggest a way forward, if you prefer Threema under /e/OS, who am I to judge?


Thanks for the explanations.

And no, Matrix is not an alternative to Threema, as half of Switzerland is using it now and so there are a lot of lists and chats etc.

@mal Trying to update to first intermediate 3.4.x.x and have a question: Is there a little flaw in the wiki?

version --dup
NOT AUTHORISED. This tool must be run from a privileged shell.

Ran it successfully with “devel-su”.


I thought it mentioned devel-su, if not then I will fix it.

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A quick status update for next release. I tested updating Sailfish OS and it worked without issues. Based on quick test of all hardware features and built-in apps I haven’t seen any regressions so far. I will continue testing in daily use a bit more to see if everything works correctly.


Hello @mal,
installation works without problems. Also all jolla apps, Nextcloud, email and Browser.
But camera issue occurs as described on earlier updates.
After restart of detection process (three times :thinking:) the camera setting was successfull.
Many thanks for the update

Hello, I’m happy with Sailfish on Sony, but I want to try the sustainable path.
My FP2 was a clean 18.04 (I installed no TWRP nor openGApps, and yes, I calibrated the proximity sensor etc).
I flashed it via fastboot as described in the Sailfish wiki (i.e. ./

After fastboot reboot, the app optimalization completed, but it hangs saying “Android starting, preparing configuration” (translated from my language). It takes forever …
(I haven’t begun with the sailfish zip part yet.)

While still hanging at the configuration: The fp2 is listed as an unauthorized device by adb.

What is the recommended path from here? I am bewildered by many different suggestions online, a hint would be great!

I’ve downloaded TWRP 3.5.2_9, but is it safe to “flashboot flash recovery twrp.img” with an unconfigured android from (I would need to turn off the fp2.)

Is TWRP necessary or only recommended?

I run adb/fastboot on a Debian stretch with version 7.0.0+r33-1.

Best regards

@treadmill Hi, if you have already calibrated the proximity sensor and you have flashed Fairphone Open 18.04 as told in the instructions then you then don’t need to boot to Android before installing Sailfish OS, just go to recovery (twrp should be fine) and install Sailfish OS zip on top of the Fairphone Open 18.04 installation.

Thank you, that helped. The pre-installed TWRP worked just fine. Smooth. Only one problem: just after finishing the obligatory gesture teaching tour, the phone froze and the battery looked empty (red LED). A reboot solved that.

Info for people who are not constantly wifi-online: The “semi-permanent” battery power saving mode seems useful to prolong battery life somewhat.

Best regards

Hello @mal,
using the Sailfish OS about two weeks it seems everything is fine, except a small issue with wlan detection.
Some time it seems that known wlan connection did not work when in operating distance.
I did not see a deterministic behave, but sometimes when i leave home and come back (without come in reach of an other known wlan connection) the wlan symbol is in searching state and did not connect within hours. Stop and start wlan resolve the problem (so it is no big problem - but should be known if someone is waiting for emails or messages :wink:).
I dot not use mobile connection when i leave home for a short time.

I think there was some known issue with wlan handling, I will check if it was also in 4.2.0 or some other version. I have also been using 4.2.0 for quite a while now and no big issues so maybe it could be released already.

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