Sailfish OS alpha5 release

I do have a threadworthy question too, though: how do I “factory reset” this Sailfish FP2?

Running the Reset routine from Settings just reboots the device back, with nothing deleted. Your thoughts @mal?

There is not proper factory reset for community ports currently. If you want to start from the beginning just take a backup of what you want and install Sailfish OS again via recovery using the installation zip.

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@mal would you consider adding FP2 Sailfish splash screen flashing instructions from

It’s super simple to do and so worth it.



I have planned on creating some Sailfish related splash screen(s) before next release.


OK. And last question for the evening, what’s the latest on the community ports Android layer technology front? Is there any real hope of something usable yet?

While Sailfish3 promises an e-mail client overhaul, there are still a list of useful Android apps.

The biggest issue with the community android support for FP2 Sailfish OS is the old kernel, based on my research 3.4 kernel would require backporting of approximately 30-40 patches from a newer kernel version. Not sure how easy that would be, maybe I’ll try it at some point. In general the current community android support, Anbox, is able to show at least some apps but still many issues. I have recently been the person porting that to Sailfish OS (testing on Xperia X) and I’m planning on fixing the remaining installation issues so I can hopefully get more users and developers for that on some other devices which have new enough kernels.


Indeed. I went and read up on it here Why is FP2 kernel so old?

One of the enjoyables of Sony is, I can safely keep WIFI on 24h on Xperia X. On FP2 (at least on the old AOSP) just keeping WIFI on (phone on dark screen standby, no network usage), drained FP2 battery significantly faster than having it off and just networking via mobile data.

@mal what’s your up to date firmware based observations w/ FP2 WIFI vs battery drain? Do you keep WIFI always on? Any bad effects?

I never keep networking enabled on any of my mobile devices if I don’t need it.


(For some reason, merproject bugzilla fails to email me a password reset token, or I wouldve already edited wiki myself)

Couple of suggestions for the wiki:

  • Boot to TWRP recovery - add “hold power + volup for 10sec, until recovery splash screen shows”. I do this so rarely, there was no memory of how it worked, had to do a bunch of searching to find all the steps out.

  • Linking directly to might make sense, this made a huge upgrade to whatever I had before (something really old)

  • Copy the downloaded Sailfish OS zip to sdcard or to somewhere outside sailfish rootfs in userdata partition - if I don’t want to use sdcard or don’t have one, where exactly could I copy the zip - one example? Wording like “somewhere outside sailfish rootfs” is a bit cryptic for someone not tuning into this system too often.

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Improved vibration effects

Hmm, as far as I can tell, the screen haptic feedback still doesn’t function? I just realized, that’s a big “feeling” difference to the XpX, the FP2 feels so “quiet” :slight_smile:

EDIT … OR is the FP2 case so thick that the vibration doesn’t come through? Phone ring vibration works fine though.

The difference between the current state of vibration effects and what it was before is quite big. Previously you couldn’t even notice the vibration for incoming calls for example and now it’s clearly noticeable, As for the shorter vibrations like on-screen keyboard button presses, those are configurable in a file so I can adjust those if needed.

Hello mal,
after update, on my fp2 everything works as described.
Both cameras (i have the old ones) worked immediately after update ;-).
Thank you (again) for the fine work.

Must just be my error but for some reason can’t switch device off via UI as immediately reboots.


No that’s not just you:


It’s very strange why I have never had problems shutting down the device. Could someone (maybe @Ingo or @aspergerguy) with that issue get some logs, if /proc/last_kmsg exists I would like to see that, because that would tell whether there is some kernel crash during showdown which could cause a reboot. Otherwise output journalctl -b could be useful. Do you have WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS or some other features on when attempting the shutdown, any difference if everything is turned off?

Do you still have the old camera @mal? Reboot happens practically only with the new camera. I think Lineage guys try for several weeks already to get rid of it…


More info here:

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I have only the old camera modules so that could indeed be why it doesn’t reboot for me. Anyway it would be interesting to see if there is some kernel crash when the reboot happens.



Should have confirmed that new camera modules installed and makes no difference if all features disabled. Have a copy of /proc/last_kmsg which is 123kb, in what format do you want it attached here or emailed somewhere?