Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

After updating to Android 12, the rightness of the display of my #fp4 randomly decreases, but eventually temporarily reverts to correct brightness, repetitively. The period of time during which its brightness is less than it should be is always greater than the period of time during which its brightness is correct.

This has solely started to occur after the Android 12 update, and occurred approximately immediately subsequently, so I have cause to believe that it was caused solely by it.


Could it be an automatic brightness adjustment caused by a shadow on the respective sensor? I’m not on A12, yet, but I have observed this when I accidentally covered the sensor with my finger, for example. You could try to turn off automatic brightness as a test if it is on.

No, @mde. I realized today that the bug actually prevents the brightness increasing more than 3/4 of the brightness slider. When it temporarily rectifies itself, it allows adjustment within that portion of the slider, too.

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In case anyone else is stuck on this, be careful you dont have Extra Dim on in the settings (a good new feature for me!)

@dwinter, Extra Dim isn’t the reason for this report, however, since Extra Dim remains active until disabled, albeit not at OS initialization-time.

This is very much a bug report.

If your intention is to file a bug report, then please #contactsupport. This is a user forum and it is far from guaranteed that Fairphone picks up issues discussed here.


Oh, thanks. I thought that this was the replacement for issuetracker.fairphone.com, since gitlab.fairphone.com is private. I’ll do that.


Hey guys,

After the android 12 Update the max brightness of the display goes down once in a while. It seems that happens when phone gets relatively hot, cause this also happens when using while loading.
It’s very annoying because outside in the sun, it’s nearly impossible to use the phone now, because the display is most of the times not bright enough.
I really reget the update at this moment.
Anyone else has this problem or knows how to solve?


Yes, @Dubbeglas, I’m also experiencing the problem (hence, I imagine, why you chose this thread?) I’m at least consoled (though definitely not glad) that someone else is experiencing this problem.

Have you contacted Support? I haven’t yet.

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I contacted the Support today. It’s really a shame. Android 12 Update was a huge mistake. Only downsides in my opinion. And the brightness problem really makes the phone unusable outside. I doubt that the Support can help with this problem.


Support definitely is able to assist, since it’s a bug. I’m actually very pleased by the update otherwise.

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@rokejulianlockhart, why is this marked as solved? Reporting it to support may not do anything. Many reported issues have gone by ignored for more than a year.

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Probably as the initial query was why is it happening and considering there is a reason then the OP is satisfied with the replies.


I’ll rephrase :slight_smile: I don’t get why it’s marked as solved if the problem still persists. I would like to add it to the known and reproducible issues list. But if it’s marked as solved here while it’s still an issue, it wouldn’t make much sense, it will cause confusion. The topic also closes sooner if marked as solved. In this case I might as well create a duplicate topic to keep the described issue open. I’m fine with that as a solution, but it’s not great that I have to.


Please dont create duplicates just for the wiki. I removed the solution tag, @rokejulianlockhart hope you can agree retrospectively, if not let me know.

Edit: sometimes a workaround might be marked as solution as well, as in long topics its just easier to find it. So solution cant be taken always literally and people still need to think and read a bit…


The best solution would probably be to remove the arbitrary duration after which posts are archived, but thanks anyway, and much thanks to @UPPERCASE for adding to the list of issues.

And to state this again as I so frequently do, it would be great if @fairphone would allow us to use gitlab.fairphone.org, or just issuetracker.fairphone.org for the fp3/fp3plus/#fp4 so that poor @UPPERCASE doesn’t have to do their work for them.

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There is no @fairphone tag to address fairphone here.

To let them know, you would have to contact support.

I doubt we will see any public bug tracker, as long as development is outsourced.

Support is the way to got and they have their own tracker its just not public for us.


I have the same problem. As I understand it now, the problem has already been reported to support, hasn’t it? Does it make sense to report the same problem again?


Yes. The more reports Support receives, the more likely it is that the problem will gain priority, but they’ll need details on the user context to help work out where the problem is coming from.

However, running the latest update, I’m not seeing any special problems with brightness. Make sure “Extra dim” is OFF (under Accessibility). You might also try turning off Adaptive brightness (I see no mention of that in this topic so mention it just in case). That’s under Settings > Display but you can also turn it off/on in the quick settings pull-down pane, by tapping the little sun symbol with an “A” in it, next to the brightness slider. White symbol means AB is OFF. Light blue means ON.

Other possibilities: Have you installed any apps that might have a bearing on brightness? Screen control, that sort of thing?


Thanks for your answer! I contacted the support :ok_hand:
I have the lastest update installed as well, Extra Dim is off and adaptive brightness is off. I have also no other app installed that could influence the screen brightness.