Software update: FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420

Thanks for the hints.I’ll contact support.
My bootloader is locked, and no developer mode enabled.
I’m using the ADB sideload. At least this function works.

PS: I replied above to hirmsushi on his post where he dropped the OTA package, if you want more info on ADB sideload operation.

If I do a factory reset from recovery mode what will happen to my personal data?
Is there a way to backup my data at that stage and then reapply the backup data after the factory reset?

They will be lost and no I dont think there is a way to back.

All right, I know it’s very bad form to berate somebody who suffers, but backups need to be made before the disaster…
Unfortunately backups are among those annoying, apparently useless things people always tend to put off until later because “they are way too busy right now”… :slightly_frowning_face:

(That been said I’m sorry for your loss. I know today a lot of people tend to have everything on their phones, and losing it represents a major catastrophe.)


You are right factory reset is still an option, I was too quick to jump to a conclusion :see_no_evil:

Several bricks was probably a bit overstated, but the amount of update problems feels a bit high the last few days. I’d expect the phone to handle those more gracefully.


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I am an American, I have seen screen dimming on this phone. I think this issue is in fact due to adaptive brightness. I’ve seen similar issues related to HDR on windows PC. This is usually a bug. It’s annoying at best. I hope they patch this in a future update. In the meantime turn visual effects off or something to negate this effect.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Are you resident in the US as well?

This topic, unlike most is authored by Fairphone and they will read your feed back but the issue is well discussed in a user topic.

Maybe this

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Yes I’m a US resident. I think the issue is a bug with adaptive brightness on this form. The colors somehow change In the motion photos. There was a bug with HDR with unrelated hardware mentioned above. Where the image did not display correctly on windows 10 a while back. Yes this post was relevant to this topic. I was also here to talk about screen dimming issue. I still think it was relevant. It was most likely adaptive brightness bug. Thanks.

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I’m facing weird battery usage consumption (way too high) from time to time.
A reboot of the FP4 fixes it.
But it shouldn’t happen in the very first place.

The Battery stats says it’s mostly used by Screen and Chrome (in my case). But effectively, the device is overheating a bit too much from my taste (it gets HOT).
Rebooting fixes it, and using it the same way do not produces as much heat as before.

Difficult to say if it is app related or device/firmware related though :frowning:


You can run it in safe mode that disables all not preinstalled apps #dic:safemode


That usually means it’s a software issue: Some piece of software goes stale, and rebooting obviously fixes that, till the next crash… And since it happens regularly, it means that this software has been damaged, it’s not just a one-time error.

It could indeed be Chrome which has either been damaged at some point, or has some dodgy ad/spyware doing stuff in the background and crashing the whole thing.
Normally I would suggest to uninstall and reinstall it, but unfortunately the only way to uninstall Chrome is a sledgehammer, since it is a Google app… :slightly_frowning_face:

What you can do, is to try to uninstall all and any add-ons (if you have any), and check for a couple days if the problem persists. If it does, uninstall and reinstall Chrome’s updates (the only thing you can), hoping that will refresh enough code to fix the issue.

Hi @hirnsushi will you please remember me how to flash My provider hasn’t sent the update yet.

Yes, and then delete app cache and app data.

Maybe as there is an issue, so take care, and check the benefits of moving from your current version :slight_smile:

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Thank you @anon9989719 , I was wondering about that…

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Has anyone with a Proximus subscription in Belgium already received the update?

It may be worth asking via official responses here may be a bit tardy.


As amoun said, it’s probably better to be patient.

Updates are usually made available once both FP and the carrier have approved.

If you do decide to force an update manually, you might want to #contactsupport (FP) and / or your carrier (Proximus) first.


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