Fairphone 4 software issues

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the software issues with Fairphone 4 that some of you have shared concerns about. We know that some problems haven’t been fixed yet, and you may be waiting for more information about how and when it will be resolved. We want you to know that we hear you loud and clear, and we really appreciate all the feedback that helps us make things better.

We’re taking care of all the support tickets that have been opened, and we’re sharing all the issues with our Quality team. They’re the ones who determine the priority of each problem. The main reason for prioritizing is to make sure we fix the bugs that affect the phone’s functionality as soon as possible. It also means that some of the lower-impact bugs might take a bit longer to get resolved because we have a lot on our plate. We’ve got four priority levels:

Immediate Fix Required

High priority

Medium priority

Low priority

The “Low” and “Medium” priority levels are for bugs that are important but don’t actually mess with the phone’s functionality. Of course, the priority can change if more and more people start experiencing the issue and it affects the functionality of the phone. Right now, we can’t give you an exact time frame for each level, but we’re working on it internally to give you a rough estimate.

We have a Public Issue Tracker where you can keep an eye on most of the medium and high priority issues. We’re working on updating it more frequently and including a broader range of issues, so we can cover as many tickets as possible. But hey, if you don’t see your issue listed there, don’t worry! We’re still working on it. If you want to know the priority of your specific problem, our Customer Support team is there to help you out.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we tackle these software issues.

Wishing you all a lovely day
Marta :sparkles:


Finally some public feedback to existing problems, thanks. Problems can occur, but then in my opinion it’s important, especially for a small company, to be transparent and open about them. Nice to see my feedback was helping to get there, an important step in the right direction. Thanks :ok_hand:


It’s great to see that there is finally some public list of issues (I wouldn’t call it an issue tracker though). But I’m wondering, who decides whether an issue is published or not? Because a few of the most severe ones are competely missing, namely:

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort and I hope that we will someday get a real public bug tracker. But honestly, the community is currently doing much better job in this regard:


I would also add (Wifi-Call with) Dual SIM crashes on some provider combinations.
Also saw some other ppl here with similar problems. (often triggered with plane mode)

Except this that random dimming is the only thing that annoys me (a bit because it’s summer).

But anyway, already a lot of popular points on that list, nice!

Looking forward to seeing the bootloader bug fixed. Not that I see it on there, but I can always dream.

Thanks for this. Following the recommendation on the linked article:

I just tried using the fairphone app to report the issue of what looks like an invisible toddler starts touching my screen. It is over after a few seconds and I do not recall the last time it happened.

But at the end of the report I am met with this:


Me too. I pray every day that they’ll bring back issuetracker.fairphone.com for the fp4.


just guessing - but that might be related to a problem of the SSL web server configuration for https://support.fairphone.com which wasn’t there yesterday:

It will be probably fixed soon…

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Hi Razem :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input.

To answer your question, only bugs that have a high or medium priority make it to the list of issues (we could definitely call it that!). We are aware that right now not all issues that fall within that category are there, making the list incomplete, but we are working on updating it. Please keep in mind we won’t be able to have it updated until mid/end of July.

I will forward your feedback to the team to make sure we include as many as possible. But as I said, if the bug isn’t on the list doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of it - we sure are and will be working on it :gear:

Have a lovely day :sparkles:


I’m a bit more than puzzled that the dimming issue is not at least considered to be medium priority. Its summertime and makes the phone quite unusable outside, so please ensure this is handled with highest priority. We know the team is aware, however from your comment it feels it has not the attention it needs.


So a bug that leads to bricked devices that are literally unusable, except for a paperweight is not a high priority bug for Fairphone?
I mean this bug is well-known for 1.5 years and has caused a lot of consultations for your support so you should be aware of that huge issue.

Anyway, I hope this list will be updated soon and include more of these high priority bugs…


Hey heyyy! :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in the first post, not all bugs are listed, and we will be working on updating the list.
The fact that an issue isn’t listed doesn’t necessarily mean it’s low priority. It just means it isn’t on the public issue list.

Hope this clarifies all the doubts :sparkles:


Can’t see anything useful in a list with a random collection of bugs.


Yeah some kind of sorting or category system would help that list quite a bit, I’d imagine.

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I can see some issues being worked on, why would you say it’s a random list.

I’m sure Fairphone have considered a) the most dramatic issue and b) the most common issues and they are the ones in the list.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t just pick them at random out of a hat ???

Obviously not, as @Razem already wrote:

The screen-dimming-bug makes the phone for some time completly unusable. If something like that had been a problem with my FP2 I would never have thought of buying a Fairphone again.


Well I understand what you mean by referring to the quotes but that does not mean Fairphone haven’t seen even more important issues that they are dealing with.

Also I’m sure somewhere above it makes it clear the list doesn’t have all the issues etc.

So the list may not have the issues you would like addressed but that doesn’t mean it’s some random selection.

I would argue (and I believe I’m not the only one) that everything on that list apart from the ghost touches is less critical than the issues I’ve pointed out. Hence my curiosity.


Well apart from asking Fairphone exactly why the list is as it is, then it will remain a mystery, and of course any answer could and would likely be questioned/challenged and would not really help in the fixing.

Similarly this subject is really just a sound of by users I suppose :speak_no_evil:

That’s why I asked @Marta_Artigas. Until we know the key by which issues are or are not published, this incomplete list is, in my opinion, somewhat meaningless.